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Tax Information

The Office of Human Resources & Diversity does not provide tax assistance. Tax information supplied herein is provided as a reference for you. Please consult a tax advisor of your choice with questions regarding your specific tax situation.


Please contact Human Resources & Diversity at 472-1024 or to request a duplicate for the 2008 calendar year.


The Wisconsin earned income credit is a special tax benefit for certain working families with at least one qualifying child. The earned income credit is refundable. This means that even workers who did not earn enough wages to have Wisconsin taxes withheld can receive the credit.

To qualify for Wisconsin earned income credit for 2008, you must meet all of the following requirements:

  • Qualify for the federal earned income credit.
  • Have at least one qualifying child. The federal definition of a "qualifying child" applies for Wisconsin purposes.
  • Be a full-year Wisconsin resident.
  • File a joint return if you are married.

For more information visit:


You may qualify if you earned less than $24,500 in 2008 and a legal resident of Wisconsin for all of 2008. You must have been the owner or renter of your Wisconsin homestead during 2008. If you meet all of the qualifications, you must complete a Wisconsin Homestead Credit Claim to determine the amount of any benefit available. Please note that you may meet all of the qualifications but still not qualify for any benefit because the credit is based on the relationship of your household income to the amount of your allowable property taxes and/or rent.

For more information visit:


The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Low Income Taxpayer Clinic (LITC) provides qualified taxpayers with free tax assistance. The LITC helps educate taxpayers regarding their rights and responsibilities through taxpayer education workshops and assists with tax issues.

For more information, please visit their website at:


There are a number of situations that allow an individual to claim NO TAX status, the most common being an employee from a tax reciprocal state. Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Kentucky are tax reciprocal states that do not require you to re-certify your tax status, unless you have made a move or change in residency.

If you are claiming this status because you are paying taxes in Minnesota, you are required to file a Statement of Minnesota Residency, W-222 for calendar year 2009. The 2008 W-222 expired on 1/31/09. If you do not complete a new W-222 for the new calendar year, your tax withholding will be changed to zero and Wisconsin state taxes will be taken from your pay check.

You should attach the W-222 form to a new completed W-4.

The W-4 and W-222 forms may be obtained from the following sites:

Please complete new W-4 and W-222 forms and submit them to the Office of Human Resources, Hyer Hall 330. If you have any questions, please contact our office at 472-1024 or


Exempt Requirements: To claim EXEMPT you must be eligible for a refund of ALL income tax withheld in 2008, because you had NO tax liability, and you expect to have NO tax liability in 2009. In addition, your non-wage income (interest on savings, etc.) plus wages are expected to be no more than $950 for federal or $900 for Wisconsin state tax purposes and you can not be claimed on someone else's tax return.

If you are currently claiming "Exempt", this tax status expired on February 15, 2009.

If you are eligible to claim Exempt for the calendar year 2009, you must file a new W-4 form. Please submit your new form to the Office of Human Resources, Hyer 330. You can obtain a W-4 form from Human Resources or from the web at:

If you do not file a new W-4, your withholding status will revert to zero allowances, and taxes will be taken from your future paychecks. If you have any questions you can contact Human Resources at 472-1024 or at

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