Requirements to Complete Program

Once an individual is referred to the program they need to call a number, provided to them on an ADP business card, and leave a voicemail within 48 hours of their contact with the police if they choose to participate in the program. If they do not call the number within that time period they will receive the deferred citation. Once they leave the voicemail they will then receive an e-mail with the class time/date/location where they will need to attend a mandatory one hour class/presentation.

In the class we discuss several different topics such as, alcohol poisoning, alcohol related deaths of Wisconsin college students, alcohol and social media, and the expectations of the program.

The requirements to successfully complete the ADP:

-Pay $100.00 non-refundable fee-Attend the class

-Write a 2-page reflection paper on their experience.

- 12 pt. font, times new roman font, double spaced and 1" margins.

- No police, residence life or Dean of Student Life contacts for alcohol related offenses for 90 days from class date.

If a participant does not complete the program because they have a contact with UW-Whitewater police for another alcohol related offense they will receive their first deferred citation as well as a second citation for 2nd offense underage alcohol consumption/possession.

If a participant receives a citation from another law enforcement agency for underage alcohol consumption/possession they will receive their deferred citation from UW-Whitewater Police Department.

If a participant fails the program for not completing any of the other requirements they will receive their deferred citation.