Building Access Policy

Source:      Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs


Criteria for access to University buildings has been established by Wisconsin Administrative Code Chapter 18, Conduct on University Lands under section (7) Closing Hours, (14) Picnicking and Camping and (24) Unauthorized Presence. Occupancies and activities in university buildings have been established by the Wisconsin Building Code Chapter 54, Factories, Office and Mercantile Occupancies, which includes classrooms, laboratories, office space and related academic occupancies. Residential occupancy is prohibited in academic areas covered under Chapter 54. This chapter specifies specific requirements such as fire resistive construction, exits and egress requirements and plumbing requirements. Mixed occupancies are not allowed unless the building is constructed according to the appropriate code. Emergency responders expect occupants of business academic occupancy to be awake, alert and able to respond to fire and other building emergencies. Emergency responders respond differently in residential occupancy. For this reason, the administration will enforce unauthorized use and occupancy of university buildings. 

General Statement of Principle

It shall be policy and practice that access to, and occupancy of, University buildings by students and the general public be limited to times when it is reasonable to expect that they are staffed during regular building hours or by special staff assignment if outside the regular building hours. Unsupervised access to and occupancy of University buildings by University faculty and staff outside of regular building hours is authorized for those individuals issued building keys for the sole purpose of conducting work activities defined within the scope of their employment. This is authorized with the expectation that they notify the Building Supervisor. Each building entrance will have posted building hours in accordance with Wis. Admin. Code UWS 18.06(7)(a).

Schedules for Buildings during Weekdays and Saturday Class Days

A schedule is in place that defines regular weekday and Saturday building hours for all buildings. Those hours are posted at the entrances of each building. Within these parameters, buildings and general areas within the building are routinely locked and unlocked by FPM staff. All other buildings are locked and unlocked by assigned building staff. Individual offices, work areas and specialty areas within the building are locked and unlocked by occupants of the units.

Extended Building Hours, Weekends, Holidays, & Academic Breaks

If there is a need to have a building or area(s) within a building open to students or the general public outside of the normal posted weekday building hours, on weekends, holidays, or academic breaks the building supervisor must be notified. The Building Supervisor, in conjunction with the appropriate department or unit must identify and assign an individual(s) to be responsible for locking and unlocking the building or space, to provide access to the activity or event and to be responsible for the supervision of the building while it is unlocked.

If access is to use only a specific room or lab facility in the building, the individual(s) in charge is responsible to provide access to the specific area. The individual(s) must then provide or arrange for appropriate supervision of the activity and to properly secure the space when the activity is completed. 

Authorization for occupancy of a building and facilities within buildings outside of regular building hours will be communicated to University Police (and other identified staff) by utilizing the University Reservation System.

In addition to routine patrolling, University Police, to the extent shift scheduling allows, will include those buildings in their patrol that have planned extended hours arrangements to assure the buildings are properly secured after the activity. If variances are noted, the building supervisor will be provided a notice of what was found.

Employee Security

University employees, faculty and staff who have been issued building keys and have authorization to utilize campus facilities during times when buildings are scheduled to be closed are strongly encouraged to contact the University Police Services and inform them they are in the building. This communication is important in the event of a campus or building emergency or threat to the employee alone in the building. This notice should be made simultaneously with University Police Services and the Building Supervisor of these plans to use the facilities.

Building Supervisor Training

Staff of University Police Services and Risk Management will provide periodic training regarding responsibilities and emergency response procedures specifically for individuals in charge of buildings or activities outside of regular building hours. This training is in addition to general training made available to all staff for regular building hours activity.