Elevator Policy for Disabled Students

1. If an elevator is expected to be out-of-service for more than 72 hours, classes will be moved to accessible locations.

2. Public notice of shutdowns will be broadcast on Cable 6 and WSUW. Notices will be posted at the elevator on all floors and any classroom changes will be spelled out.3. If the shutdown is less than 72 hours, it will be the student's responsibility to contact the departmental office to request that the lecture be taped. Faculty must provide affected students with the opportunity to make up any missed work, assignments, etc. Faculty members will make arrangements to have their lectures taped. Students will be responsible to contact the faculty members within 24 hours of the missed classes to obtain the tape and to review class proceedings. In the case of lab work, computer programs and related courses of a technical nature, affected students will receive additional time to complete work.