Key Security Policy

  • Goal

      The purpose of this policy is to provide adequate building security for persons and property through the control of keys issued, to assure appropriate access to work areas by employees in buildings on the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater campus, and to allow unrestricted access by University Police and selected maintenance personnel to all campus areas for reasons of security, safety, and health.

  • Key Levels/Required Authorizations

      1. Grand Master Key: Provides total access to all buildings within a particular system on campus. Authorization for this key is granted by the Director of Facilities Planning and Management (FP&M)and is restricted to security and maintenance personnel only.

      2. Building Master Key: Provides access to all spaces within an individual building. The issuance of this key is restricted to persons authorized by the Building Supervisor and Dean in conjunction with the Executive Director of Facilities Planning and Management for General Program Revenue (GPR) buildings, and the Executive Director of Auxiliary Services for Program Revenue (PR) buildings.

      3. Building Sub-Master Key: Provides access to a group of rooms within a department or building. Authorization for this key will be determined by the Dean, Building Supervisor, Director or Department Chair.

      4. Individual Room Key: Provides access to a room/office within an individual building. Authorization is granted by the Dean, Building Supervisor, Director or Department Chair.

  • Key Policy Basics

      1. University Police must have unrestricted access to all campus areas for safety, security, and health reasons, through the establishment and maintenance of a master keying system.

      2. All employees (FTE, LTE and Grad Assistants) of UW-Whitewater will be assured access to their work space. In most situations, keys will be issued directly to employees. As keyholders, individuals will assume responsibility for safekeeping and eventual return of university keys.

      3. Keys will not be issued to students or student employees, except as provided for in the PR buildings key policies. A Dean, Director, or Department Chair may authorize temporary key access to a student employee within a department by following procedures listed in Section E-4, and will assume responsibility for its use.

      4. A Building Supervisor will be designated for each building. One of the responsibilities of the position will be supervision of key transactions.

      5. Actual key issuance and collection, along with related key form paperwork and record keeping in GPR buildings, will be handled within departments by designees of the Building Supervisor. These "Contact Persons" will act as department liaisons between FP&M Lockshop and Building Supervisor.

      6. The issuance of keys for the University Center, Moraine Hall, Dining Halls and Residence Halls (PR buildings) is not discussed in detail within this policy. Employees working in these buildings must conform to the basic security principles identified within this document, as well as the specific key policies established by the Executive Director of Auxiliary Services for PR buildings.

      7. Lost or stolen keys will not be replaced until a report has been filed with University Police.

  • Chargeable/Non-Chargeable Key Issues

      1. Original keys issued to an employee are not chargeable.

      2. Broken or worn keys will be replaced without charge. Original key parts must be returned to FP&M Lockshop.

      3. Replacement of lost/stolen keys or failure to return assigned keys will result in charges to the Department employing the person identified as the key assignee. FP&M has set the following replacement costs for the various key levels:

        Room or Outside Door Key $ 10.00
        Building Sub-Master Key   100.00
        Building Master Key   200.00
        Grand Master Key   1,000.00

      4. Lock changes required to maintain building security following lost or stolen key incidents are chargeable work orders. The Building Supervisor, Dean, Director or Department Chair will complete and submit a Work Order Request form at

  • Key Issuance

      1. All unclassified, classified and LTE employees will be issued keys needed to access office and/or work areas.

      2. All key requests must be submitted in writing on a KEY REQUEST FORM to the FP&M Lockshop (Section G-1). Authorized signatures of immediate supervisor, Department Chair/Director, College Dean and/or Building Supervisor are required (outlined in Section B).

      3. FP&M will maintain employee key records on its Lockshop database. The Lockshop will provide Building Supervisors with reports of key records grouped by department as requested, and will work with Building Supervisors and their Department Liaisons to maintain accuracy of these records as changes occur.

      4. For short-term or temporary building access, Departments may retain duplicate check-out keys in a secured area (lockable box or cabinet). Responsibility for the security of these keys, as well as establishing a sign-out procedure to track the location of the keys, remains with the department.

      5. Replacement requests for lost or stolen keys are submitted on the KEY REQUEST FORM (Section G-1). Keys will be replaced when a copy of Univerisity Police report has been mailed/faxed to FP&M. User code indicated on KEY REQUEST FORM will be charged for replacement keys (Section D-3).

  • Key Return Issues

      1. University keys are returned when employees terminate campus employment, retire, resign, transfer departments or change room assignments. A KEY RETURN FORM is completed, signed and submitted to the Departmental Office along with the returned keys (Section G-2).

      2. Rekeying of a building or group of rooms may result in employees being required to exchange an old key for a new one. Departmental designees will assume responsibility for collecting an old key before the employee receives a new key.

      Specific retrieval procedures for PR buildings will be established by the Executive Director of Auxiliary Services in accordance with the special needs of PR facilities and in a form that satisfies the general security and access principles of the institutional key policy.

  • Key Transactions & Forms (GPR Buildings)

      Facilities Planning and Management Lockshop will process all key requests, transfers, replacements and returns for GPR buildings. Occupants of PR buildings will contact the office of the Executive Director of Auxiliary Services for specific instructions.
      1. Key Request Form - Downloadable at

        Requests for keys are submitted in writing on a KEY REQUEST FORM. Forms may be obtained from the Building Supervisor, Departmental office or FP&M Lockshop. After the form has been completed and appropriate signatures of authorization obtained, it is sent to the Facilities Planning and Management Lockshop for final approval and key issuance.
      2. Key Return Form - Downloadable at

        Return of University keys is documented by filling out a KEY RETURN FORM. employees transfering departments, moving to new office/work spaces or leaving the University will record keys returned and sign form. Transaction will be verified by the Building Supervisor or designee. Keys and form will be sent to FP&M Lockshop for verification of records and restocking.
      3. Key Transfers

        With prior verbal approval of the FP&M Lockshop, keys may be transfered from one employee to another if both RETURN and REQUEST forms are completed and mailed together to FP&M Lockshop. Authorized signatures on forms are required, as well as name and phone number of Contact Person who will be handling the actual transaction.
      4. New Lock/Lock Change Request

        Any situation that requires rekeying is a chargeable work request. Submit work orders online at Charges for rekeying will be billed to the user code indicated on the form.

  • Record Keeping

      Facilities Planning and Management will keep records of keys issued for GPR buildings for all University employees. Building Supervisors will maintain key records for their buildings and departments. The Office of the Executive Director of Auxiliary Services (or designees) will manage the records for PR buildings. FP&M will maintain a security software system which will record building key data and employee key records. Reports will be generated by Facilities Planning and Management for GPR buildings as requested by Building Supervisors.

  • Audit

      Facilities Planning and Management will periodically perform physical inventories of keys for GPR buildings. Keys found missing at that time will be subject to charges listed in Section D-3.

  • No Duplication or unauthorized Transferring of Keys

      The Wisconsin Administrative Code Section UW 18.06 (12) currently reads as follows:
        "Keys. (a) No person may duplicate a university key or request the unauthorized duplication of a university key. (b) No person may transfer any university key from an individual entrusted with its possession to an unauthorized person, or be in unauthorized possession of a university key. (c) Keys in the possession of unauthorized persons may be confiscated. (d) No person shall replace without permission, damage, tamper with or vandalize any university lock or security device."
          Also, the Wisconsin Administrative Code Section UWS 18.07 reads as follows:
            "Penalties. Unless otherwise specified, the penalty for violating any of the rules in s. UWS 18.06 shall be a forfeiture of not more than $500, as provided in s. 36.11 (1) (c) Stats."

        • Contractor Key Issuance

            1. Requests for keys shall be made using the CONTRACTOR KEY REQUEST FORM (Section G-5). All keys must be personally signed for by the contractor's representative to whom the keys are issued. Contractor must abide by the Contractor Key Agreement stated on the form.
            2. All keys must be returned to FP&M before final payment authorization will be granted.
            3. FP&M will be responsible for contractor key issuance, collection and record keeping.

        • High Security Areas

            For reasons of safety and security, University Police must maintain access to all university areas. It is, therefore, essential that all areas remain on the master key system. When security of a space is in question and keying off the master key system is sought, exceptions to this policy must be made through the appropriate Vice/Assistant Chancellor's office. Authorization and approval for these exceptions will be granted by the Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs. Facilities Planning and Management may deny custodial and maintenance services to these areas if access is not readily available. (Departments may want to investigate other security measures/devices before deciding upon this procedure.)