UW-W Posting Policy


SOURCE: Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs

The facilities of the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater are open to political parties and candidates for the purpose of holding public meetings on campus, if the facilities have not been previously scheduled, are not being used for academic purposes, and are otherwise available. The use of facilities at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater by political parties or candidates must be under the sponsorship of a recognized student organization, administrative office, department, or college on campus. Such public political use is strictly limited to bonafide public meetings and does not permit use of this University's facilities by political parties or candidates desiring to conduct a revenue-producing activity. The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater will not permit its facilities to be used by political parties or candidates when political fund-raising activities, such as dinners, cocktail parties, and the like, are to be held for campaign purposes. Questions should be addressed to the Director of the University Center.

Campaigning in state-owned residence halls is governed by the Wisconsin Administrative Code, Chapter UWS 18.06 (16m). The residence hall students at the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater have approved the following campaigning policy within Chapter UWS 18.06 (16m):

Solicitation by political candidates in the living areas of the residence halls is prohibited. Political candidates may solicit in the lobby and basement recreational areas, or on the floor if invited by the residents of the floor. Political candidates must complete a form available from the Office of Residence Life, and have the approved form on their person at the time of solicitation.

In accordance with Chapter UWS 18.06 (17), Wisconsin Administrative Code, the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater does not permit the use of buildings, windows or other university grounds or furnishings (trash cans, outdoor benches, etc.) for political advertising/campaigning or elections (campus or governmental), except as provided in the UW - Whitewater University Posting Policy and the Landscape Posting Policy.

Organizations or persons violating these guidelines will be referred to Campus Activities and Programs and may be subject to penalties under Chapter UWS 18.07, Wisconsin Administrative Code.