Automated External Defibrillators

      Automated External Defibrillators


      UW-Whitewater currently has  31 Automated External Defibrillator (AED)  units located throughout campus. The AED is an emergency response device that is used to provide care for victims of sudden cardiac arrest. The AED analyzes the hearts electrical system, and if necessary, will prompt the responder to deliver a shock to the victim. Each minute of delay in use of an AED on a victim of sudden cardiac arrest decreases the victim's chances of survival by approximately 10%.

      American Heart Association AED training sessions are offered through the University Police, at no cost to any campus faculty or staff member, including student employees.


      Adult CPR/AED training teaches basic Adult CPR and the use of the Automated External Defibrillator (AED).

      Initial and recertification sessions are 3 hours long. The American Heart Association recommends training every 2 years. If maintaining current CPR certification is an official job requirement, contained within an employee's official position description, employees must successfully complete training every two years.

      If interested in obtaining or renewing Adult CPR/AED certification, complete the Training Request Form and submit it to the University Police per the instructions on the form.

      As requests come in, a wait list will be created, and when enough employees (minimum of 4) have expressed interest in taking a course, a training session will be set up, and you will be notified of the date and time. Training times are 9am-12pm or 1pm-4pm. If our office is unable to accommodate your training request, there are fee-based, off-campus resources to help you obtain certification. Check with your local American Heart Association or American Red Cross Chapter, Police Department, Rescue Squad, Hospital, or Technical College for course information.

      This training is voluntary and is not a requirement of the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. A trained volunteer is not required to respond to an emergency. The Good Samaritan provision of Wisconsin Statute 895.48(1) provides primary liability protection for volunteers.

      For any questions about this training, please contact the University Police via email at or at x4660.


      UW-Whitewater- Locations

      Automated External Defibrillator (AED)


      Below are the locations of the numerous AED’s located throughout campus.


      ·         Andersen Library (3) – 2nd floor lobby, next to elevator door;  1st floor Hallway, near Room 1008

                    Inside Door #4

      ·         Center of the Arts (3) – 1st floor near Café AND Lower Level near Room 32 AND 2nd floor near Room 2052

      ·         Drumlin Dining Hall 2nd floor by cash registers  

      ·         Esker Dining Hall – 2nd floor by dining hall entrance gate   

      ·         General  Services (2) 1st floor outside Room 118 AND  2nd floor, outside Room 210

      ·         Goodhue Hall (2)  - 2nd floor near Room 230 AND Basement near Room 20

      ·         Health Center – 1st floor hallway, outside Room 1017A  

      ·         Heide Hall (2) – 1st  floor by elevator AND 3rd floor by elevator

      ·         Hyer Hall – 3rd floor hallway, outside Room 330

      ·         Hyland Hall – 1st floor hallway, outside Room 1303

      ·         Laurentide Hall (2) –  2nd floor, next to elevator AND 4th floor, next to elevator

      ·         McCutchan Hall – 3rd floor hallway, elevator alcove

      ·         McGraw Hall – Ground floor, across from elevators

      ·         Perkins Stadium – Athletic Training Room (portable)

      ·         Police Services – (3) Squad Vehicles

      ·         Prucha Field Baseball Building – Supply closet in bathroom

      ·         Roseman Hall (2) – 2nd floor hallway, outside Room 2032, Children’s Center Classroom (portable)

      ·         Student Athletic Complex – Lower level by elevator

      ·         Track Field (Outdoor)Score booth

      ·         University Center – 1st floor by elevator, across from Graham Street Café

      ·         Upham Hall – 1st floor hallway by Room 140

      ·         Wells Hall (2)  West Tower – Basement Fitness Center Room 22, Room 114

      ·         Williams Center (6)  1st floor hallway, outside Pool entrance

                                           1st floor hallway, outside Room 100

              1st floor hallway, outside Gym #4 Room 191(Volleyball Gym)

              Room 105/105A (2) Portable

              2nd floor near Gym 1

      ·         Winther Hall  2nd floor main lobby

      ·         Young Auditorium – 1st floor hallway outside Kachel Center

      For additional AED information regarding AED’s, purchase information, or to set up AED/CPR training, please contact UW-Whitewater Police Services at







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