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Facility Reservation Policy

All UW-Whitewater facilities are institutional space owned by the State of Wisconsin. Institutional space is potentially available for any approved University function. Therefore, institutional space is not owned by any department or program, but rather is assigned by the University to a department or program for its use.

After term scheduling has been completed, instructional space is available for reservations.* All other space may be reserved by University departments and recognized organizations throughout the year. All reservations for General and Controlled Access space, as defined below, must be scheduled using the University reservation system in order to be valid and have priority.

General Access - Space approved and reserved through the University Reservationist. For reservations beyond established building hours, all General Access space converts to Controlled Access space.

Controlled Access - Space approved and reserved through a building supervisor or designee. Such space must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  1. Health & safety code requirements: training/supervision required for use due to specialized or hazardous equipment
  2. Specific design/function: examples include: pool, gyms, studios (art, music, radio, & TV...) Theaters, performance halls, labs (computer/science), dining facilities, University Center, Williams Center, Stadium, Young Auditorium
  3. Extraordinary security needs: space determined through consultation with campus police/risk management

Note: Institutional criteria NOT to be considered when defining space as controlled access include:

  • certain AV equipment (slide projector, overhead and video projection units)
  • on-call, spur-of-the-moment meetings
  • grant/gift purchases
  • vandalism concerns
  • special materials that could be stored

*Certain spaces are not reservable due to their specific functions (i.e., offices, storage rooms, closets, bathrooms, and hallways).