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Building Supervisor Policy

This policy authorizes the appointment of building supervisors for all UW-Whitewater buildings, and describes the responsibility of those supervisors. Building Supervisors or their designees are responsible for the following as related to the specific building supervised: advising on remodeling, use of space, building access outside the normal posted building hours, authorized special use of building facilities, energy conservation issues, maintenance and housekeeping issues, key issuance, security, Administrative Code enforcement, and general health and safety.

Where more than one division/college/department occupies a building, the Building Supervisors may appoint several area Building Supervisor designees. These designees will directly supervise the portion of the building occupied by their division/college/department. When building wide issues occur the Building Supervisor will confer with all affected designees.

Building Supervisors are not responsible for building custodial or maintenance workers, or the mechanical spaces of the building, but act as liaison with Facilities Planning & Management Zone Maintenance Supervisors.

Hallway and entrance spaces are the responsibility of Building Supervisors.

All University space is scheduled in one of the following ways: by the Registrar's Office, by the University Reservationist and/or by the Building Supervisor or designee. All University space must be scheduled through the University Reservation System.

Building Supervisors Specific Responsibilities

  1. Remodeling

    The Building Supervisor or designee is responsible for reviewing all remodeling requests within the building or area of a building. These requests could range from installing additional outlets in a given room to a major remodeling of the entire facility. The Building Supervisor or designee ensures that both the functional integrity of the building and its aesthetic qualities are maintained. The Building Supervisor or designee is responsible for contacting Facilities Planning and Management for remodeling project plan review, ensuring project code compliance, and coordinating support services scheduling. Facilities Planning and Mangement is responsible for assuring the Building Supervisor is consulted on and informed of all remodeling and other facility construction activity.

  2. Space Assignment

    The Building Supervisor(s) serves to advise on assignments to ensure that they are appropriate to the function of the space and the needs of the assigned personnel, assures space use and assignment is consistent with the University Space Plan, and that the said Plan provides compatibility between the various departments/ divisions within the building.

  3. Building Room Scheduling

    The Registrar's Office schedules all academic classes listed in the University timetable. General access space is scheduled by the University Reservationist. Controlled Access Space is scheduled by the appropriate building supervisor or designee. The building supervisor or designee approves use of the building outside of the regular posted building hours. All room/space reservations must be entered into the University Reservation System.

  4. Energy Conservation

    Problems and adjustments within the building related to energy conservation, such as climate control or lighting, is coordinated through the Building Supervisor or designee. This would include such things as assuring compliance with the state energy conservation measures with, use of supplemental electric heaters within the building, and installation or operation of window type A/C units.

  5. Building Hours

    All buildings have established regular building hours which are posted at building entrances. If there is a need to have a building or area(s) open to students or the general public outside of the normal posted weekday building hours, on weekends, holidays, or academic breaks, the Building Supervisor must be notified. The Building Supervisor, in conjunction with the appropriate department or unit, must identify and assign an individual(s) to be responsible for locking and unlocking the building or space, to provide access to the activity or event and to be responsible for the building when it is unlocked.

  6. Maintenance

    All concerns with regard to maintenance and housekeeping within the facility would be referred to the Building Supervisor(s) who would work with Facilities Planning & Management Zone Maintenance Supervisors to ensure that appropriate follow - up action is taken.

  7. Security

    The Building Supervisor or designee would be notified by the University Police Department of any breaches of security within the building, such as lost keys, open doors after closing hours and unauthorized presence. If there is a continual reoccurrence of these problems, the Director of University Police Services will meet with the Building Supervisor(s) to determine what devices or adjustments are necessary to provide security for the building. The Building Supervisor or designee will have the final authority to approve/disapprove all key requisition requests for the GPR building prior to submitting the requisition to Facilities Planning & Management.

  8. Administration Code Enforcement

    The Building Supervisor or designee is the central contact for all problems related to Administrative Code violations for the building, such as, unauthorized pets, smoking in non-designated areas, unlawful behavior, etc. This contact may occur from University Police Services or through other personnel within the building. The supervisor or designee assures that these rules are being complied with, enlisting the help of the University Police Department, Facilities Planning & Management Zone Maintenance Supervisors, and others as appropriate.

  9. Safety

    The Building Supervisor or designee is the central contact with regard to any safety hazard within the building. The hazards could consist of inadequate guard rails or handrails, extension cords strung across traffic areas, slip, trip and fall hazards, etc.

  10. Fire

    The Building Supervisor or designee is the central contact with problems concerning building fires and related equipment. Problems identified in this area could consist of poor housekeeping, blocked or restricted hallways or exits, discharged or missing fire fighting equipment, etc. Also, Building Supervisor(s) assist with the conducting of fire drills, and the supervisor or designee is the first response individual.

  11. Building Emergencies

    The Building Supervisor or designee is the designated Building Emergency Officer in the assigned buildings to anticipate and prepare for building emergency response, the supervisor or designee is the first response individual, and serves as liaison to Campus Emergency Staff.

  12. Building Recycling Coordinator

    The Building Supervisor or designee is the primary contact and source of information for carrying out the institutional recycling program for their respective buildings.