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Campus Safety Committee


The purpose of the Campus Safety Committee is to create and maintain an active interest in safety through a broad scope Risk Management, Safety and Loss Control program that encourages the participation of all personnel in initiating, maintaining and improving safe practices or conditions for the UW-W campus. (See University Handbook)


Academic Staff:
Sara Deschner
Residence Life:
Rae Mackovic
Center of the Arts:
Dan Mc Guire
Risk Management & Safety:
Lance Fredrick
Center for Students with Disabilities:
Connie Wiersma
University Center:
Charles Beckum
Facilities Planning & Management:
Steve Barnes
University Health and Counseling Services:
Terry Karl
Faculty Senate:
Paul Ambrose (Chair)
University Police:
Matthew Kiederlen
Human Resources and Diversity:
Kathy Mather
Amanda Bowman
Natural/Physical Science:
Marsha Goodell
Williams Center:
Jen Kaina
Represented Classified:
Greg Marti