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Government Agency Payments

NOTICE: Veterans who intend to have the government help with tuition and fees should first see Jan Nordin in the Registrar's Office. Some of these benefits can be viewed on the Registrar's webpage.

Students who have received a voucher or authorization to have tuition and fees billed to a government agency should submit this and any other required documents to Kari Heidenreich in Student Accounts. All documents must be turned in 10 days before the start of the term for which it applies. Questions can be directed to Kari Heidenreich at 472-1909.

A credit will be placed on the student account once the invoice has been sent to the government agency. The student should be prepared to pay the remaining balance by the due date indicated on the bill.

If a refund is due, it will be paid to the student. Any overpayments that are owed to the government should be paid by the student to the agency as soon as possible.

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