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Billing Information


E-Bill notifications are sent to the student's UW-Whitewater e-mail account monthly when a balance is due. Check your UW-Whitewater e-mail account on a regular basis to avoid missing important information. Always keep adequate space in your in-box. Failure to receive an e-Bill notification will not relieve students from their obligation to make timely payments.

Authorized Users

You can set up authorized users through the billing site. Once you are logged in, click on the "Authorized Users" tab on the top of the page and follow the prompts. After the authorized user is set up, that person will also receive future e-Bill notifications when there is a new bill to review.

Disputes about Your e-Bill

Send your dispute in writing on a separate sheet of paper so that the university receives it within 60 days after the billing date. Your written dispute must include:

  1. Your name and student ID number
  2. A description of the questions and why (to the extent you can explain) you believe it is an error; and
  3. The dollar amount of the suspected error

You remain obligated to pay the parts of your bill not in dispute, but you do not have to pay any amount in dispute during the time the University is resolving the dispute. During that time, the University may not take any action to collect disputed amounts or report disputed amounts as delinquent.

This is a summary of your rights. A full statement of your rights and the university's responsibilities under the Federal Fair Credit Billing Act will be sent to you both upon request and in response to a billing error notice.

Disputes regarding this account should be submitted to the Student Accounts Office at the below e-mail or address by separate correspondence:


UW-Whitewater Student Accounts 
Hyer Hall Room 110
800 W Main Street
Whitewater, WI 53190

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