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UW-Whitewater Extension Classes

All students enrolled in UW-Whitewater for any given term and who currently desire to enroll in UW-Whitewater Extension independent study courses must gain enrollment status substantiation within the first two weeks of any term from Financial Services - Student Accounts, Hyer Hall, Rm. 110, certifying such enrollment status.

If a student is enrolled full-time at UW-Whitewater, the fees payable to UW- Whitewater Extension may be waived. If a student is enrolled less than full time at UW-Whitewater, the fees payable to UW- Whitewater Extension will be prorated accordingly. In order for a waiver or proration to be used, students must enroll in UW-Whitewater Extension courses within the first two week period of UW-Whitewater’s term. All enrollments in UW-Whitewater Extension after this two week period will require that a student pay full fees at UW-Extension.

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