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How will I receive a Form 1098-T?

In January of each year, the University of Wisconsin System provides secure electronic access for all students who have qualified tuition and other related educational expenses. If the form is not electronically accessed, it is mailed at the end of January.

In January, an email will be sent to your UW-Whitewater email account. The email will be from: The subject line will be: UW-WHITEWATER MAIN (000311) Tax Document Available. This email is secure and will contain a digital signature from the University of Wisconsin System.

The email will contain a hyperlink to a secure Getmydocuments website and directions for logging into the website. After logging in to the Getmydocuments website you will be able to view and print copies of your 1098-T tax form. Even if you are not ready to use the 1098-T form please view and print it. If it is not viewed and/or printed, the form will be mailed by the end of January.

Please save the email until after you have downloaded and printed your 1098-T. You will need the digital signature certificate number from the email to re-enter the Getmydocuments website.

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