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Third Party Payments

UW Whitewater has in the past accepted numerous 3rd party billing agreements which allow a 3rd party to pay on a student's account after being billed separately by UW Whitewater. Because of the increasing numbers and manual processing of these billings, we will accept only those that meet the following conditions:

  1. The student must provide authorized 3rd party agreement document two weeks prior to start of the term to allow sufficient time to bill. Late documents will be accepted but 3rd party will have 30 days to pay the invoice so student will be responsible for all fees charged to his/her account as a result of the late submission. Please be aware that campus due dates and invoice due dates may not be the same.
  2. The agreement must contain authorization for us to bill the 3rd party, the student name, ID number, billing information (company name and address), amount, and include a contact person and telephone number.
  3. Students must consent to providing billing information to the 3rd party organization.
  4. All bills will use a standard format including: student name, term, student ID number, number of credits for term, tuition and fee charges, special course fees, and other charges to be paid. A copy of the agreement will be included with the bill if specific 3rd party information is needed.
  5. UW-Whitewater cannot accept 3rd party agreements that intend to make payment after grades are reported for courses taken.
  6. Refunds resulting from 3rd party payments on the student account will go to the student, as the university will not monitor for situations creating a refund. If the student is not enrolled at the university at the start of the term, the 3rd party will be notified and any payment received returned.
  7. UW-Whitewater will bill at the start of the term. Any added/dropped classes are the student's responsibility to report and resolve with the 3rd party payer.
  8. In the event the 3rd party pays only a portion of the invoice, only that portion will be recorded on the student account as a payment. The student will need to resolve the less than expected payment with the 3rd party payer.
  9. Students that have all of their eligible charges (tuition, housing, and meal plan) paid for by a 3rd Party will have a deferral placed on their student account when the 3rd party is billed to delay the due date for payment until the 1st installment payment due date. This should allow sufficient time for the 3rd party to pay and the student to avoid finance charges. If the 3rd party does not pay by the deferral date, the student is responsible for the account payment and any resulting finance charges.
  10. Students that do NOT have all of their eligible charges paid for by a 3rd Party, will have their student account activated by the Payment Plan if their account is not paid in full by the term due date. For new students, the $100 Enrollment Deposit will need to be paid by the term due date regardless of the 3rd Party agreement.
  11. Bills not paid by the 3rd party by the invoice due date will result in future billing requests for the 3rd party being denied. A letter will be sent to the payer and any affected students should this happen.
  12. A copy of the 3rd party billing will be sent to the Financial Aid office so that the expected payment can be used as needed for financial aid purposes.
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