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Important considerations for non-traditional students applying to UW-Whitewater

Admission Consideration for non-traditional new freshmen

(Applicants who have not attended any schooling since high school)

UW-Whitewater completes a comprehensive application review for all students. A student's prior academic preparation is an important factor used in the decision, but a review of standardized exam scores (if taken), history of academic rigor, student activities, military service, volunteer activities, career accomplishments, life experience, the personal statement on the application, and anything else a student provides as part of the application are also seriously considered.  It is our goal to discover whether or not we believe the student can be successful in the collegiate environment.  Our process affords the admissions office the opportunity to learn about a person before making a decision.  We encourage adult students to tell us as much about themselves as possible including their future academic and career goals. We do not require the ACT or SAT test scores for applicants ages 21 or older.

Admission Consideration for transfer and 100% online degree applicants:

Students with at least 12 transferable credits are considered transfer students. (Students who are enrolled in their first semester or who will not have 12 transferable credits will be evaluated using new freshman admission criteria.)UW-Whitewater requires a minimum 2.0 (4.0 system) cumulative grade point average (GPA) based on at least 12 transferable credits for transfer admission to the university.  However, higher academic standards and minimum GPAs may be imposed by certain programs and may vary by the number of transferred credits.  In addition, students declaring business, education, social work, communication or health & human performance majors are subject to a combined GPA requirement that uses transfer grades in combination with Whitewater grades to determine eligibility for courses and graduation.  The combined GPA guidelines for each respective major and transferred credit totals are below are:

Business or Education

  • Less than 24 credits: 2.0 combined GPA
  • 24 to 71.5 credits: 2.5 combined GPA
  • 72 or higher credits: 2.75 combined GPA for education majors; 2.80 combined GPA for business majors

Additional degree requirements may be needed prior to being accepted into the college of business and economics to complete upper division business courses. Transfer credit is awarded for upper division business courses only if the equivalent courses were taken after completion of 60 credits and were junior or senior level at the previous institution.College of Education students who have earned a minimum of 40 credits, may be eligible to apply for admission to the college of education. Additional requirements are necessary prior to being admitted into the college of education. These requirements may be found at:

Social Work or Communication

  • 2.25 combined GPA for all social work, broadcast journalism, media arts and game development, electronic media, interpersonal communication and organizational communication majors.
  • 2.50 combined GPA for all advertising, print journalism and public relations majors.

Health and Human Performance

  • 2.25 combined GPA is required for admission.

If a student is not admitted based on the requirements of his/her chosen major, there are times when an applicant must change a desired major in order to secure admission to UW-Whitewater and/or later apply to their first major of choice if academic criteria and minimum GPA requirements are subsequently met.  Students with greater than 72 credits are not eligible to choose 'undeclared' as an intended major.

Online Completion Degrees

Transfer students seeking the Online Liberal Studies or the Online Policital Science completion degree must meet a minimum 2.0 GPA for admission.
Transfer students seeking the Online General Business completion degree must meet a minimum 2.5 GPA  (for 24 to 71.5 credits) or a 2.80 (for 72 or higher credits).

If you will be applying to an online degree completion program (Political Science Online, Liberal Studies Online, Online Early Childhood (ECE4U) or the Online Undergraduate General Business Program), please first contact the Program Coordinator for the program listed at   Once a student is instructed by the Program Coordinator to apply, the applicant should indicate in their personal statement on the application that they are an online student applicant.


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