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TOP 10 Frequently Asked Admissions Questions

Other Frequently Asked Questions

  How do I apply to  UW-Whitewater as an incoming freshman?

-Online through the application site

-In person with cash, check, or money order

-By mail with check or money order

  • Submit an official copy of high school transcripts or GED score.
  • Submit a copy of ACT/SAT score*
  • Letters of recommendation are not required, but can be submitted.
  • UW-Whitewater has rolling admission with a deadline of May 1st for freshmen, but it is possible that admission may close prior to this date.

 * Writing section of ACT is not required


What are the Admissions requirements for incoming freshman students?

  • 4 credits of English
  • 3 credits of Math including Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2
  • 3 credits of Natural Sciences
  • 3 credits of Social Studies
  • 4 credits of Elective Classes
  • There is no minimum GPA or ACT score that is required, but the average GPA of an incoming student is a 3.3 and the average ACT score is 22.6.
  • A comprehensive review is used when determining admission which includes GPA, class rank, ACT score, classes taken, extracurricular activities, jobs, volunteer positions, a personal statement, and letters of recommendation.


What is the cost of attendance at UW-Whitewater? 

  • Full Time (12-18 credits) Tuition and Fees for the 2014-2015 academic year:

Wisconsin Resident:  $7,600

Minnesota Resident:  $7,879

Return to Wisconsin (students of non-resident alumni):  $11,705

Non-Resident (all other states):  $15,173

  • Housing and Meal Plan:

Wisconsin Resident: $6,044

Minnesota Resident: $6,044

Return to Wisconsin: $6,044

Non-Resident: $6,044

  • Total Cost:  (Based on tuition and fees + most common housing and meal option)

Wisconsin Resident:  $13,644

Minnesota Resident:  $13,923

Return to Wisconsin:  $17,749

Non-Resident:  $21,217


What types of majors does UW-Whitewater offer?

  • UW-Whitewater is comprised of 4 colleges:

-College of Arts and Communication

-College of Business and Economics

-College of Education and Professional Studies

-College of Letters and Sciences


How do I visit UW-Whitewater?

-Available Monday through Saturday during the academic year.

-Half hour welcome presentation given by an admissions counselor Monday through Friday.

-Tours available over winter and summer breaks Monday through Friday at selected times.

  • Warhawk Premiere Day

-Full day on campus

-Informational sessions presented by the Deans of the colleges, Financial Aid, Residence Life, and other offices.

-One hour walking tour of campus that includes a classroom, residence hall room, library, athletic facility, and the University Center.

-Lunch at a Dining Hall

-Starts at 9am and ends around 2pm 


How do I apply for scholarships?

  • The application for admission into the university serves as the application for scholarships.
  • Requirements for scholarships:*

- Admitted into UW-Whitewater by February 1st  

- ACT score of 25 or higher and in the top 25% of graduating class.

*Must meet both requirements in order to be considered for a scholarship, but this does NOT guarantee that a scholarship will be awarded.


How do I apply for financial aid?

  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid at
  • Priority deadline is March 1st
  • Financial Aid Package will be sent electronically to students in April.
  • Financial Aid Package can include grants, loans, and work study.


 How do I determine my residency?


What type of student housing is available on campus?

  • East Side with six residence halls

-Four four-story residence halls

        • Tutt
        • Wellers
        • Knilans
        • Fischer

-Two ten-story residence halls

        • Wells East
        • Wells West
  • West Side with six four-story residence halls

      • Arey
      • Benson
      • Lee
      • Fricker
      • Clem
      • Bigelow
  • Starin Hall  (Upperclassmen only)

-Suite style living

-Four bedrooms



-Common Room

      • Living Accommodations Available:

-Single Gender Floors

-Co-Ed Floors by Wing

-Co-Ed Scattered Floors

-Substance Free Floors

-Learning Communities (Freshmen only)

            • Group of 20-30 students who share a common major or interest.
            • Live on the same floor and take 6-10 credits together.
      • For more information, visit


What type of student life does UW-Whitewater have and how do I join?

    • Complete list of over 200 student organizations on campus can be found at
    • Complete list of over 1700 on-campus jobs for students can be found at
    • Three levels of athletics are available to students:

- NCAA Division III Sports: Nationally recognized teams are formed, organized, governed and conducted by coaches.

        • Tryouts required if not recruited to the team by coaches.
        • Travel and compete against other universities.
        • For more information on NCAA sports, visit  

- Club Sports:  Teams formed, organized, governed, and conducted by students.

- Intramural Sports:  Students form teams on campus and compete against each other.


Other Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact the Undergraduate Admissions Office?


Where is UW-Whitewater located?

      • 800 W. Main Street
        Whitewater, WI 53190-1790
      • About 45 miles southeast of Madison
      • About 50 miles west of Milwaukee
      • About 100 miles northwest of Chicago


Where can I receive information about UW-Whitewater?


How large is UW-Whitewater?

      • Campus covers 593 acres of land
      • About 12,000 students enrolled

-11,000 undergraduate students

-1,000 graduate students

      •  Student to faculty ratio is 22:1


When was UW-Whitewater founded?

      • Founded  in 1868 as Whitewater Normal School
      • Went through four name changes

1927: Whitewater Teachers College

1951: Wisconsin State College-Whitewater

1964: Wisconsin State University-Whitewater

1971: University of Wisconsin-Whitewater


Who is UW-Whitewater's mascot?

      • Willie the Warhawk


 Once I apply, how do I find out if I have been accepted into the university?

      • Once all required materials arrive to the admissions office, official letters will be mailed to students regarding an admission decision.
      • Students also have access to "self-service" in WINS to check the status of their application.
      • WINS log-in information was emailed to students at time of application to UW-Whitewater.


What is WINS?

      • Whitewater Information Network for Students
      • A self-service system that includes all of a student's financial information and academic history.


How do I apply to UW-Whitewater as a transfer student?

-Online through the application site

-In person with cash, check, or money order

-By mail with check or money order

      • Send an official final high school transcript
      • Send official transcripts from any and all colleges and universities that you have or are currently attending.
      • Priority consideration is as follows:**

-Fall semester = May 1st

-Spring semester = November 1st

 *Students who have transferred directly from a 2 year UW System College are waived from the application fee.

**UW-Whitewater has rolling admission; we will continue to admit students until our enrollment capacity is reached.  This may or may not be before the priority dates.


What are the admission requirements for transfer students?

      • At least 12 credits of transferable coursework.
      • Cumulative GPA of at least a 2.0 out of a 4.0 scale within the transferable courses, however, specific program GPA requirements may also need to be met.

- To determine individual program GPA requirements, visit GPA Requirements.


How do I apply to UW-Whitewater as an international student?

-Fall Semester = May 1st

-Spring Semester = November 1st

      • Pay the $44.00/USD application fee online through the application site.
      • Provide records of previous schooling

-Must complete secondary education consisting of a college preparatory program with an above average academic record, and submit the official or certified copies of grade reports (mark sheets) of secondary and post-secondary education records.

-Transfer students must also send an official transcript from each college attended.

      • Submit scores of one of the following English proficiency examinations:

-TOEFL: minimum score paper based:  500, computer based: 173+, internet based: 61

-IELTS:  minimum score of 5.5

How do I apply to UW-Whitewater as an adult student or a non-traditional student?

-Online through the application site

-In person with cash, check, or money order

-By mail with check or money order

      • If military experience, submit a copy of DD214 or military transcript such as the AARTS/SMART or Community College of the Air Force for possible transfer credit for military experience.
      • Determine which type of applicant you are:*

-Freshman applicant: No post-secondary school attendance after high school.

-Transfer applicant: Attended another institution after high school, no matter how long ago.

-Re-entry applicant: You've attended UW-Whitewater and wish to return.

-Transfer/re-entry application: You've attended another school since leaving UW-Whitewater and now wish to transfer back.

-Special student: You are pursuing a second undergraduate degree; you are taking a course(s) that does not count toward a degree; i.e., Teacher Licensure or Certification; or you are taking required courses to enter into a graduate program.

 *If you wish to apply to one of our 100% Online Degrees, please apply as a transfer or readmit student, as applicable.


Do you accept students without an ACT or SAT score?

      • We do not require an ACT/SAT score in order to be admitted, but it is requested if necessary to make an admission decision.
      • At a minimum, all students need to have an ACT/SAT on file or placement testing done before Plan-It Purple.
      • Applicants over the age of 21 are not required to submit an ACT/SAT score but do need to complete placement testing in the Testing Office.
      • Transfer students who have college level Math or English do not need an ACT/SAT score.
      • ACT/SAT1 scores are used to determine course placement in both Math and English courses.
      • Placement tests taken at other UW System schools can be used for placement into Math and English courses.


What if I took the ACT/SAT more than once?

      • The score with the highest composite will be used (we do not superscore).
      • The highest sub score in Math and English will be used for placement into Math and English courses.


Do I have to take a foreign language in high school in order to get in to UW-Whitewater?

      • It is not required that foreign language is taken in high school, but it is highly recommended.
      • Students pursuing a Bachelors of Arts in Letters and Science are required to take 2 semesters of a foreign language before graduation.


What AP, IB, and college-level credits does UW-Whitewater accept?


Can I receive credit for military service or training?

      • Yes, students can submit a SMART transcript or Community College of the Air Force transcripts to the admissions office for review.
      • Depending on the length of service, students can receive between 4 and 50 transfer credits.
      • Completing basic training alone is equivalent to four transfer credits.


What types of programs are there to ensure incoming students connect to campus?

      • The First Year Experience Office puts on several programs for new freshman and transfer students including:

- Plan-It Purple orientation days

-Warhawk Sendoffs

- Club U-Dub-Dub

-Whitewater Week of Welcome

-TRANSFERmation (transfer students only)

-Family Fest

      • These events are hosted by UW-Whitewater student leaders such as the Hawk Squad, Lead Peer Mentors, Peer Mentors, Team Transfer, and the Purple Pit Crew.
      • For more information, visit


Are there tutoring services available to students?

      • Academic Support Center located in the basement of McCutchan Hall.
      • Tutoring services are free to students.
      • A list of classes with biographies of the tutors can be found at
      • Math Center and a Writing Lab available to students

-Appointments may be necessary

      • Some instructors also provide Supplementary Instructors

-Students who have previously taken the course sit in the lecture, take notes, and hold weekly study sessions outside of class for students to attend.


What types of accommodations and services does UW-Whitewater provide for students with disabilities?

      • UW-Whitewater is nationally recognized for the strength of its services for students with disabilities.
      • The Center for Students with Disabilities offers several accommodations including:

-Alternative testing arrangements

-Note takers

-Textbooks in Braille

      • UW-Whitewater is the most wheelchair accessible school in the state.
      • For more information, visit


Will I have an academic advisor?

      • All incoming students are assigned an academic advisor within the Academic Advising and Exploration Center.*
      • Students with 24 or more credits are assigned a faculty member within their area of study.
      • Students must meet with their advisor 4 times during their first year.
      • There is always an advisor on call if a student's advisor is not available.
      • An advising hold is placed on every student's account each semester prior to registration, and is removed once they meet with their advisor.
      • For more information, visit

*Music, Art, Theatre, and Dance majors receive advisors within their area of study.


At which academic programs does UW-Whitewater excel?

      • College of Arts and Communication:

- Richard C. Gaarder Award for the most outstanding music student in Wisconsin has been awarded to a UW-Whitewater student 14 of the past 23 years.

-UW-Whitewater has the only student-run radio station in Wisconsin.

      • College of Business and Economics:

- AACSB accredited

-Largest business school in Wisconsin

-Over 25 professional student organizations

      • College of Education and Professional Studies:

-NCATE accredited

-UW-Whitewater graduates more teachers than any other school in Wisconsin.

      • College of Letters and Sciences:

-Over 50 students participated in undergraduate research in 2012-2013.

-UW-Whitewater students comprised over 15% of the UW System schools that attended the National Conference on Undergraduate Research.


How safe is campus?

      • University Police Service on campus works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

-1 Chief

-1 Lieutenant

-2 Sergeants

-1 Detective

-1 Residence Hall Officer

-1 Academic Officer

-7 Police Officers

      • 21 emergency blue light telephone call boxes are located throughout campus.
      • Students may request a walking escort around campus at night by contacting the University Police Service.
      • For more information, visit


What comes in a residence hall room and what should I bring?

      • Each room comes with 2 beds, 2 desks, 2 desk chairs, and 2 dressers.
      • Bed lofts can be rented at
      • Beds can be bunked by stacking them.  
      • Recommended items to bring for a residence hall room:

-Mini refrigerator (maximum size of 4.8 cubic feet)

-Microwave (maximum size of 900 watts)



      • Examples of items not allowed in the residence halls:


-Griddles, hot plates, toasters etc.

      • The only pets allowed in the residence halls are fish.
      • Coffee makers are allowed in the residence halls.
      • All residence halls have WiFi internet and cable TV hookups.
      • For more information, visit


What types of things are there to do on the weekends at UW-Whitewater?

      • SEAL (Student Entertainment Awareness League) hosts free events every Thursday night that feature comedians and live musicians etc.
      • Movies are shown at the Summers Auditorium every weekend for $1 with a UW-Whitewater student ID.
      • 10 lane bowling alley and a billiard room are located in Warhawk Alley for student use.
      • Cinemas of Whitewater movie theatre is located one mile from campus.
      • Several local shops and restaurants downtown Whitewater are located one mile from campus.

Can freshmen bring cars to campus?

  • Yes
  • Parking passes for parking lots near residence halls are $250 for the academic year.
  • Parking passes for lot 24 by Perkins Stadium are $125 for the academic year.
  • For more information, visit


How do I know if I qualify to commute from home?

  • Students must live within 40 miles of UW-Whitewater's campus in order to commute.
  • Commuter parking passes are $145 for the year or $75 for the semester.

Can I bring a moped or a bike to campus?

  • Moped parking passes are $30 for the academic year.
  • Bike racks are located outside each residence hall and academic building.
  • Bike lockers can be rented for $50 for the academic year

Are the athletic teams at UW-Whitewater competitive?

  • UW-Whitewater is nationally acclaimed for its Division III athletic success.

2011-2012 National Championships Won:

  • Football
  • Gymnastics
  • Men's Basketball
  • Men's Wheelchair Basketball
  • Women's Wheelchair Basketball

2012-2013 National Championships Won:

  • Gymnastics
  • Women's Wheelchair Basketball
  • Our NCAA Division III Football team has won the National Championship 4 out of the last 7 years.
  • Over 20 National Championships have been won by UW-Whitewater's NCAA and club sports since 2007.


Does UW-Whitewater offer a study abroad program?

      • Study abroad programs are available for one semester or for a full academic year.
      • Travel Study program:  Students take a course during the semester and travel with their classmates and professor to the country studied for up to four weeks.
      • Financial Aid and scholarships can be awarded for these programs.
      • For more information, visit


Is there an Honors Program available at UW-Whitewater?

      • In order to be eligible for the University Honors Program, ONE of the following criteria must be met:

-Top 10% of high school class with an ACT composite score of 24 of greater

-Top 25% of high school class with an ACT composite score of 28 or greater

-Highly recommended with letters of nomination from your high school counselor and at least one of your instructors

      • In order to enroll in the University Honors Program, you must complete an application which can be found at
      • Complete the form on your computer, print, sign, and submit to the Honors Office.
      • Must complete 21 honors credits in order to graduate with Honors.


Does UW-Whitewater have any undergraduate research opportunities?

      • Over 180 students participated in undergraduate research at UW-Whitewater in 2012-2013:

-92 students from College of Arts and Communication

-53 students from College of Letters and Sciences

-32 students from College of Business and Economics

-12 students from College of Education and Professional Studies

-Over 85 of the students earned grants to fund their research

      • UW-Whitewater sent 77 students to the National Conference on Undergraduate research in 2012-2013, who composed over 15% of students present from the UW System.
      • For more information, visit  


Is there a clinic on campus if I get sick?

      • University Health and Counseling Services center on campus offers services such as:


-Treatment for illnesses and minor injuries

-Laboratory tests



-Allergy injections

-Referrals to specialists

-Massage therapy

-Counseling sessions

      • Staff includes:

- Full time medical supervisor

-Part-time family practice physician

-Nurse practitioners

-Board-certified consulting psychiatrist


Are immunizations and health forms required for students?

      • These will be listed on every student's To-Do List on WINS, but they are only required for student athletes to complete and submit.


Do I have to buy my textbooks at UW-Whitewater?

      • No, undergraduate students do not need to purchase textbooks.
      • Textbook Rental is located in the basement of Moraine Hall.
      • Fee for textbook rental is built into the tuition rate.
      • All rented textbooks must be returned at the end of each semester, otherwise a charge will be billed to the student for each textbook not returned.


What dining options are available on campus?

    • Several dining facilities are located on campus:

-Esker Dining Hall located on the East Side of campus

        • All you care to eat facility with a hot dish bar, salad bar, soup bar, breakfast bar, and dessert bar.

-Prairie Street located on the East Side of campus

        • Grill with hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chicken tenders, French fries and more.
        • Sub sandwiches and wraps
        • All meals include one side item and one drink

-Drumlin Dining Hall located on the West Side of campus

        • All you care to eat facility with a Home Style area, International Grill, Salad Bar, Breakfast Pantry, and Dessert area.

-Erberts & Gerberts Sandwich shop located on the West Side of campus

        • Sub sandwiches from the chain restaurant with one side item and one drink.

-UNO Due Go located in the University Center

        • Pizzas, paninis, buffalo wings, nachos, salads, burgers, French fries and more.

-Willie's 360 located in the University Center

        • Breakfast and Lunch to-go items  

-Several other small dining areas and coffee shops are located throughout campus as well.


How diverse is UW-Whitewater?

      • 15% of students are classified as underrepresented minorities.
      • Several multicultural student organizations, fraternities, and sororities are available to students including:

-African Student Association

-Black Student Union

-Latinos Unidos

-Saudi Students Association

-Southeast Asian Organization

-Jewish Student Organization

-Gamma Alpha Omega Sorority

-Latino America Unida Lambda Alpha Upsilon Fraternity

      • For further information, contact Rob Gambsky at 262-472-1440


Can I take a summer class at UW-Whitewater and if so, how?

      • Yes, by submitting an online application at as a Special No Credentials student.
      • Special students are limited to part-time enrollment and are admitted for one term only.


What types of programs do you have available for students to receive UW-Whitewater credits while still in high school?

      • Youth Options Program:  Program for qualified Wisconsin public high school students in grades 11 and 12 to enroll in and attend courses offered at UW-Whitewater.


          • Junior or Senior standing in high school
          • Rank in the top 25% of high school class OR
          • Rank in the top 40% of high school class and possess an ACT/SAT composite score ranked in the top 25% nationally.

-Application Process:

          • Submit a completed UW System application online at as a 'Youth Options Program' student.
          • No application fee is required.
          • Submit a completed Youth Options Program Plan and Report Form (DPI form 8700) with authorization signatures selecting at least 3-5 different courses the student has permission to take at UW-Whitewater.
          • Submit an official high school transcript which includes class rank and ACT/SAT score.

- Completed application must be received in the Admissions office by:

          • July 1st for Fall Semester
          • December 1st for Spring Semester

-Students will attend a brief, mandatory orientation/registration program at UW-Whitewater a week prior to the beginning of the semester.

-Students limited to two courses with a maximum of 7 credits per semester.

-For more information, contact James Lanouette at 262-472-1440.

      • Partners in Education (PIE):  A concurrent education program which provides a unique way to deliver rigorous curriculum to qualified high school students by allowing them to earn college credit while still fully engaged in their high school activities.  By taking college credit, in high school, students also set themselves apart by demonstrating that they can succeed in college classes.  The program also provides high schools and qualified teachers an opportunity to collaborate with university professors in their fields; this partnership helps both high schools and the university better prepare high school students for success in college.

-Application Process:

          • Submit a completed Student Registration Form to your high school. 
          • Submit a completed UW System application online at as a 'High School Special' student.  Once prompted, choose "Partners in Education."
          • No application fee is required.

-For more information, visit


How and when do I register for classes?

      • All incoming freshman and transfer students register for classes online during their Plan-It Purple session in June or July.


What grading system does UW-Whitewater use?


Do I have to be a music or theatre major in order to participate in the bands or theater productions?

      • Some ensembles are open to all students; others are specifically for music majors.
      • For more information regarding the music department, visit
      • All students can audition for productions put on by the theatre department.
      • For more information regarding the theatre department, visit


How many Masters Degrees are offered?



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