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Application process

It is always best to apply well in advance for admission, preferably early in the last semester at your current institution. To apply, please complete and submit the University of Wisconsin System application at

Application Checklist

  1. Complete the online application at
  2. Submit $44 application fee (no application fee for students transferring directly from a 2-year UW system college)
  3. Submit final high school transcript / GED / HSED
  4. Submit official transcripts from all colleges and/or universities ever attended
  5. If military experience, submit copy of DD214 or military SMART transcript (to be awarded credit for military experience)

We have created a PDF Checklist that is available for download. It is able to be printed and/or saved for your convenience. Click here to download it.

Admission Eligibility Criteria

The university's core values are used as a guide to interpreting the contents of each application presented for admission, and a comprehensive review of all materials is performed for each applicant before making an admission decision. Both the academic and nonacademic factors present in an application are used to make an admission decision. Academic records are reviewed based on a minimum 2.0 (4.0 system) cumulative grade point average (GPA) having a minimum of 12 transferable credits for transfer student admission. Requirements may be higher if you are planning to enroll in certain academic programs or during periods of enrollment limitation. Please see transfer grade point average requirements page for these requirements.  Nonacademic factors include, but are not limited to, leadership, community service, creativity, special talents and personal characteristics that contribute to the strengths and diversity of the university. The most competitive candidates for admission to UW-Whitewater typically possess positive factors in their application that are both academic and nonacademic in nature. Students who are enrolled in their first semester or who will not complete 12 transferable credits will be evaluated using new freshman admission criteria.

Transfer Credit Evaluation

Once your application is complete, we will prepare a transfer credit evaluation for you. This means that we will convert your prior courses to the UW-Whitewater course numbering system. When a transfer course is determined to be equivalent to a Whitewater class, a specific Whitewater course number will appear on the evaluation. If the course(s) you completed are not directly equivalent to UW-Whitewater classes, you will be awarded elective credit. Courses that are considered non-transferable to UW-Whitewater will not appear on this evaluation.  All credits will be reviewed for transfer to UW-Whitewater if the courses were completed at a regionally accredited college or university.

Two Year College Transfer Policy

Courses taken at two-year campuses may be equated only to UW-Whitewater 100 (freshman) or 200-level (sophomore) courses. When a course taken at a two-year college parallels a 300 (junior) or 400-level (senior) course at UW-W, the course may be accepted as elective credit.  Students who have accumulated 72 credits at a two-year college must earn at least 48 additional credits at UW-Whitewater and/or other four-year colleges to earn a baccalaureate degree.

Transfer students with an Associate of Arts and Science, Associate of Arts or Associate of Science Degree from the University of Wisconsin Colleges, Milwaukee Area Technical College, Madison Area Technical College, Nicolet Area Technical College, or any accredited State community or junior college who transfer at least 40 acceptable credits to Whitewater are considered to have fulfilled the University Proficiency and General Education requirements. You should check to ensure that your final, official transcript indicates receipt of the degree. This policy does not apply to the Associate of Applied Science from vocational/technical colleges. PLEASE NOTE: some programs require additional general education courses that are not satisfied by the associate degrees as listed above.

As a transfer student, you will be required to complete the following Core Requirements, depending on how many credits you transfer in to UW-Whitewater:


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