March 2011 – Issue 1



Chemistry professor wins $334,663 grant to study cancer cells
Christopher Veldkamp is on a mission to understand how cancer spreads throughout the body. The assistant professor of chemistry at UW-Whitewater now has national backing and funding to carry out his research.

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Student teachers travel to Jamaica
UW-Whitewater students in the Jamaica Student Teacher Program lived and taught in Mandeville, Jamaica, gaining insight into another culture and returning to the U.S. with incredible teaching experience. The trip lasted Jan. 11 - Feb. 8, 2011.

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Delicious food, delectable characters: professor's novel highlights Italian culture
Andersen Library will host a lecture, book signing and cooking demonstration 3:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 15, where associate professor Elena Bertozzi will talk about the cuisine and culture of Italy's Piemonte region. Attendees will be invited to cook and eat the ravioli recipe from her book, "Appetite: A Hunger for Italy."

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Communication students get advice from industry professionals
Ninety-one students improved their odds of getting jobs after graduation by attending a Lightning Round Speed Interviewing and Resume Review event in Milwaukee.

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