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The UW-Whitewater Alumni Association's policy* states that we can not give information to anyone that is not an alum of UW-Whitewater.  This policy is to protect our alumni from undesirable contacts and solicitations.

After receiving your request, we will reply as soon as possible. Normal turnaround is approximately two weeks.

As proof of your graduation from UW-Whitewater the following fields are required.


First name:
Last name:
Maiden name:
Birth date:
Year(s) of Graduation:


Tell us as much information about the person(s) you are trying to find; limit of 5 people.
(Examples: name; approximate graduation date; approximate age; organization involvement; etc)


How would you like us to contact you with our results?


*The only exceptions to this policy are for Faculty/Staff and campus organizations.
If you fit this criteria, please contact the Alumni Center at 262.472.1105.