UW-W Annual Security Report & Policy Statement

UW-W Annual Security Report & Policy Statement

UW-W Annual Security Report & Policy Statement

Reports of criminal actions or other emergencies occurring on the UW-Whitewater campus shall be made to the University Police Services. The University Police Services shall respond in accordance with established law enforcement procedures.

Conduct on university property is governed by Chapters UWS 18 and UWS 21 Wisconsin Administrative Code and institutional policies on file in the Office of the Chancellor. Security is provided in the maintenance of the University's facilities through a number of mechanisms, including limitations on hours of operation, policies on keys, restricting access to those bearing proper identification as university staff or students, the provision of adequate lighting, and making available telephone call boxes for emergency assistance. Specific security mechanisms may vary with the type of university facility. Security precautions in place for the various types of facilities at UW-Whitewater are on file in respective campus offices. Administrative and academic building security policies are on file in the Office of the Director of Facilities Planning and Management, University Center policies in the University Center Facilities Management Office, and campus residence policies in the individual Residence Hall offices. In addition, the Residence Hall Living Guide is given to each resident living in the halls. Authorization to unlock any and all campus buildings for times when they are not usually open must be submitted in writing and be on file in advance with the University Police.

In Accordance with 36.11(2), Wisconsin Statutes, UW-Whitewater University Police Services is staffed by peace officers who meet the standards of the Wisconsin law enforcement standards board and have the power to arrest and bring before the proper courts persons violating the law on university property. The University's peace officers cooperate with local police authorities in the exercise of their responsibilities. Students, faculty, staff and visitors are encouraged to promptly report all crimes or suspicious activities that occur on UW-Whitewater property to the University Police. Incidents which are not of an emergency nature may be reported to University Police by calling 262-472-4660. Incidents of an emergency nature may be reported by dialing 911 from a campus phone. (see crime-reporting.) Off-campus crimes should be reported to the appropriate local police authorities. University police staff will make timely warnings regarding significant crime or security threats.

UW-Whitewater provides information to students and employees about campus security procedures and practices, encourages them to be responsible for their own security and the security of others, and informs them about the prevention of crime, through regular programs and literature distribution. University Police staff conduct numerous programs throughout the academic year concerning various crime prevention topics. The following list highlights some of the past programs that have been held:

  • "Street Smarts on Campus" deals with personal and property protection.
  • "Self-Defense 101" teaches personal safety on campus.  Participants learn about physical awareness, situational awareness and personal response to possible violence.
  • "Sexual Assault Awareness" involves discussion on this topic, especially the issues surrounding acquaintance sexual assault.
  • "Shots Fired" video and discussion aimed at giving individuals the tools they need to survive an active shooter incident.
  • "Workplace Violence" is designed for employees and discusses this topic in light of the university's policy on this matter.
  • "Alcohol 101" and "Drug 101" introduces the audience to the types of abuse occurring in campus settings and discusses the consequences of choice.
  • For more information contact University Police Services between 8:00 am & 4:30 pm at 262-472-4660.

This table of data represents the campus crime statistics reported to the police during the past three years. This data has been collected from university and city police.

Statistics concerning the number of arrests and/or disciplinary referrals for the following crimes occurring on campus: Liquor Laws, Drugs, Weapons. This information is collected from police agencies, campus offices and sexual assault reports. Confidential sexual assault statistics are gathered from campus faculty and staff.

UW-Whitewater encourages cooperation with local police authorities to monitor and record information concerning criminal activity occurring away from the campus, but involving University recognized student organizations.

The possession, use, and sale of alcohol and illegal drugs are regulated at UW-Whitewater in accordance with the Drugfree Schools Act, the Drugfree Workplace Act, applicable provisions of state and federal law, and Chapters UWS 17 & 18, Wisconsin Administrative Code. The University Police enforce violations of underage drinking laws, and other violations of state and federal laws regulating the possession, use and sale of alcohol and illegal drugs. In addition, the Office of Residence Life and/or Dean of Students Office will take disciplinary action when such incidents are reported.

In addition to drug and alcohol abuse programs offered in classrooms and residence halls, the following programs are typically conducted:

  • Alcohol Awareness Month
  • Safety Campaign related to spring break and other high-risk times.

UW-Whitewater takes a proactive stand against underage alcohol possession or consumption on campus. Various informational programs on this issue are presented throughout the academic year. Institutional and Residence Hall policies have been established to deal with alcohol situations. University Police may issue citations to those persons found in violation of State Law. With each new violation, the fine is increased and the loss of a driver's license may also occur. In addition to law enforcement action or court sanctions, students may be held accountable for violations of university rules.

UW-Whitewater is very concerned about sexual assault and has many programs and policies in place to prevent and deal with sexual assaults (see Sexual Assault).

In compliance with the Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act effective October 28, 2002, information regarding registered sex offenders may be obtained from the Wisconsin Department of Corrections and at the University Police website.

The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater is fully committed to the safety and security of our students, staff and faculty. The University has an emergency response guide for all students, staff and faculty available at http://emergency.uww.edu/Topics.aspx. The guide provides information on who to contact and what actions to take during emergency events.

In the event Police Services determines an occurrence to be a danger to University members or operations on a larger scale, notification is made to the campus or affected populations through the use of mass email, University website, IP phones and loud speaker systems on campus.   All personally identifying information or personal information of victims will be held confidental when providing warnings.  This determination is made by evaluation of the information received from citizens, officers and other sources. Content of the notification is determined by the needs of the occurrence. For example, in the event of a tornado, a prerecorded message can be sounded advising individuals to seek shelter. In the event of a chemical spill or active shooter, individuals are advised to shelter in place and stay where they are. Notification of incidents is the responsibility of Police Services. Notification of an event may not be made if it would significantly compromise the assistance of a victim or the containing, responding to or mitigation of an incident. It is always the intent of the University to make emergency notification of appropriate incidents without undue delay.

The Chief/Director of Police Services, Matt Kiederlen (262-472-4660), is ultimately responsible for ensuring the dissemination of emergency information to the University community. Dissemination of emergency information to the larger community is the joint responsibility of Chief Kiederlen and the Director of Marketing and Media Relations, Sara Kuhl (262-472-1194). The dissemination of information to the general public is primarily done through the University website and area media outlets.

The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Police Services conducts tests of the emergency notification systems. This is done on at least an annual basis. In addition to those tests, a fire drill is conducted within every building on campus on an annual basis. This assists in not only training our students, staff and faculty to the presence of alarms, but it also provides for additional testing of the University's emergency systems.

Missing Student Notification Procedure for On-Campus Housing Students

Reports regarding any student living in on-campus housing who has been missing for 24 hours or more must be referred immediately to the UW-Whitewater University Police Department at phone number 262-472-4660. Students living in on-campus housing are encouraged to identify a contact person or persons whom the University will attempt to notify within 24 hours if the student is determined by the University Police to be missing for the prior 24 hour period. Only authorized campus officials and law enforcement responsible for the missing person investigation may have access to this information. Students will be asked to list these individuals as an emergency contact during the check-in process and will be allowed to do so online. The student will be able to make any desired changes to their contact information online throughout the year. It is the policy of Residence Life to involve and turn over all related information and reports to University Police in all missing persons cases. In addition to any student-designated contact person, if the student is under 18 years of age and not emancipated, the University will attempt to notify a custodial parent or guardian within 24 hours of when the student is determined to be missing.

When it is reported that a student is missing for 24 hours Residence Life will follow the following procedures:

  • Immediately notify University Police
  • Make contact with roommate and ask other peers on the floor about information they may have.
  • Utilize technology such as social networking sites and electronic access reports from student ID to attempt to identify student's recent whereabouts.

This is University of Wisconsin-Whitewater's Annual Security Report. Click here to view the Annual Fire Safety report.


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