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FUN Events

Academic Staff Assembly FUN Events

Academic staff represent units and departments all across the university, in both instructional and non-instructional roles. At times, it can be difficult to break out of the divisional "silos" that Provost Kopper has warned us all about. Getting to know individuals outside of your normal day-to-day routine has the potential to increase collaboration and maximize the value that the students and fellow colleagues receive from our efforts.

To that end, the Assembly created the FUN [Fostering Unity & Networking] Task Force, which hosts both Lunches, which are semi-formal, bring-your-own sessions with featured networkers. These events highlight projects being done, as well as provide a mechanism for feedback into the development process. The Happy Hours, in contrast, are informal and designed to allow for interaction outside of the work setting with people from across campus.

While events are geared towards academic staff, all university employees are welcome to attend.

Spring 2013 FUN Lunches & Happy Hours

FUN Happy Hour - 15 January 2013 [Tuesday]
5PM - Lakefront Pub, Whitewater

FUN Lunch - 11 February 2013 [Monday]
12PM – UC 266
Featured Networker: Alvin Rentsch, Assistant Director, Pangea Studios, Geography & Geology Department. He will discuss the work that he and his team have completed on a mobile tool that allows users to better navigate the campus. The tool was built with accessibility in mind, incorporating barriers to access, and could greatly benefit the campus community and visitors alike.

FUN Lunch - 14 March 2013 [Thursday]
12PM – UC 266
Featured Networker: Patty Fragola, Student Employment Advisory Committee. SEAC has been charged with the assessment of current practices with regards to student employment. The committee is also exploring ways in which the university can streamline and standardize the hiring process, better integrate student workers into our units, and enrich the overall value of the experience for them.

FUN Happy Hour - 18 April 2013 [Thursday]
5PM - The Boneyard, Mukwonago

Academic Staff Assembly Serious FUN

The Academic Staff Assembly is committed to providing professional development opportunities for its constituents and the larger UW-Whitewater community. In addition to the FUN [Fostering Unity & Networking] Lunches and Happy Hours, we'd like to invite all interested staff to participate in Serious FUN. The Serious FUN sessions seek to engage campus employees by focusing on significant issues that affect all of us, regardless of unit or position.

Spring 2003 Serious FUN Events

Understanding Title IX and Sexual Violence
27 February 2013 [Wednesday] - 4PM - UC 262
This session will focus on how sexual harassment, which includes acts of sexual violence, is a form of sex discrimination prohibited by Title IX. The audience will develop an understanding of sexual violence issues and how sexual violence is affecting UW-Whitewater students. Please join us and learn more about Title IX, common myths about sexual assault, and available resources.
Presenters: Elizabeth Ogunsola, Office of the Chancellor, and Whitney Henley, UHCS

Inclusive Excellence: What's It Mean to You?
19 March 2013 [Tuesday] - 2PM - UC 262
Excellence requires the inclusion of diversity in all forms. In order to achieve this, the University must intentionally and continually articulate and establish high expectations of our community's intellectual, social, and spiritual development. The facilitators will engage the audience in a discussion about what Inclusive Excellence means to them in order make sure that staff voices are heard in this important institutional conversation.
Facilitators: Freda Briscoe, Minority Business & Teacher Preparation Programs, and Luis Benevoglienti, Residence Life

Bystander Intervention: Step Up!
22 April 2013 [Monday] - 10AM - UC 262
College campuses are the place for free speech and thinking, but it should also be a place of respect and appreciation of differences. We are in positions that allow us to ensure that everyone feels safe and valued. At times, it may require that we intervene in either emergency situations like verbal altercations or non-emergency situations that could escalate to more serious ones quickly. Learn what steps you can take to STEP UP in these types of scenarios, as well as the campus resources that are available for students and staff for such events.
Presenters: Megan Wycklendt, H.O.P.E [Helping Others Through Peer Education] and Whitney Henley, University Health & Counseling Services

FUN Task Force Members

The FUN Task Force is comprised of:

  • Lori Grady, Multicultural Affairs & Student Success
  • Alvin Rentsch, Geography & Geology Department
  • Patty Fragola, Andersen Library
  • Denise Ehlen, Research & Sponsored Programs


Feedback or suggestions regarding the Academic Staff Assembly FUN events should be directed to Patty Fragola, Director of FUN, Academic Staff Assembly [262-472-5673 /] or Denise Ehlen, Academic Staff Assembly Chair [262-472-5212 /].


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