Election Timeline

Election Timeline


Elections to the Academic Staff Assembly are held the spring of each year.  Representatives are elected for two year terms.  (Click here for information on the roles and commitment of  the Academic Staff Assembly and academic staff in shared governance.) Academic Staff Assembly members and  Academic Staff may vote electronically using "SelectSurvey". The link to the electronic ballot will be sent via email to all academic staff. 

Alternatively staff may choose to vote by paper ballot.   To request a paper ballot, Academic Staff Assembly Chair , Denise Ehlen (x1956, ehlend@uww.edu).

Only academic staff may vote in the Assembly elections.

If you have questions concerning nomination and election activities, contact Academic Staff Assembly Chair, Denise Ehlen (x1956, ehlend@uww.edu).

2014 Elections and Balloting Committee Timeline

    • Wednesday, 12 March 2014: Notice of Election and Application/Nomination Form approved for distribution to all eligible academic staff.
    • Tuesday, 18 March 2014, 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm:  Open house with light refreshments at Crossman Art Gallery for information on Academic Staff Assembly.  Patty Fragola, Vice-Chair (x5673, fragolap@uww.edu) to be contacted for more details.
    • Wednesday, 2 April 2014: Nominations submitted to Kristen Burton, Academic Staff Assembly Associate, by mail to 2243 Andersen Library or via email to burtonk@uww.edu.  Electronic nomination forms must be received by midnight.  Completed paper nomination/application forms must be received by 3:00 pm. 
    • Wednesday, 9 April 2014: Electronic ballot made available.  Kristen Burton (x5213, burtonk@uww.edu), to be contacted if academic staff member did not receive the ballot link or if you would like to request a  paper ballot. 
    • Monday, 21 April 2014: Electronic ballot to be submitted by midnight or paper ballot returned to Denise Ehlen, Assembly Chair, by 3:00 pm.
    • Friday, 25 April 2014: Elections and Balloting Committee/liaison tallies the ballots, election results are reported to the Academic Staff Assembly, and nominees are notified.
    • Wednesday, 7 May 2014: Newly elected Assembly members participate in first meeting.


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