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Purple Book

Table of Contents

Purpose Statement

The purpose of the Purple Book is to provide a means of an ongoing documentation regarding your position at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. It is a tool to assist you and your supervisor to clarify and record such items as your position duties, classification, goals, progress, and evaluation. The concept and implementation of the Purple Book is fully endorsed by the Chancellor, Provost, and Academic Staff Assembly.

The contents of a Purple Book are as listed below. The linked items are standard forms/information provided by Academic Staff Assembly. The other items are particular to the academic staff member and are to be added to the Purple Book by the individual.

Purple Book Cover Letter

Chancellor's Endorsement Letter

  1. Purpose Statement
  2. Employee Data Form
  3. Policies & Procedures
  4. Mission Statements
  5. Position Description and Distribution of Effort Agreement Form
  6. Vita
  7. Annual Goals & Objectives
  8. Annual Professional Development
  9. Annual Evaluation
  10. Support Materials

*Each Academic Staff member shall receive one (1) Book to be used for the length of their employment.  Contact Patricia Fragola, Chair of the Academic Staff Assembly (, 472-5673) to obtain a Purple Book.


Patricia Fragola
Academic Staff Assembly Chair