Section 4: The Online Classroom

      Section 4: The Online Classroom

      D2L Basics: Quizzes, Exams, & Grades

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      • Instructors may use the D2L Quizzes function to administer both quizzes and exams.
      • Instructors can set up quizzes and exams in a variety of ways.
      • It is very important to read the Quiz Details and Instructions prior to starting a quiz.



      How do I take a quiz?

      1. Click Start Quiz to begin quiz.
      2. Read the confirmation information.
      3. When you are ready to start the timed quiz, click OK.
      4. If you are not ready to start the timed quiz, click Cancel.
      5. Select the correct answer by clicking the field next to the correct answer.
      6. Click Save.
      7. Click Go to Submit Quiz.
      8. Click Submit Quiz.

      For more information, watch this Quizzes Tutorial.



      Does the university ever require exam proctors?

      • Some online courses require the use of a proctor for exams.
      • To find out if your course's exams will be proctored, review your course syllabus in D2L.
      • You will be responsible for finding your own proctor who meets your instructor's requirements.
      • While many proctors will serve on a voluntary basis, you are responsible for paying any expenses incurred in retaining a proctor for your exams.



      How do I check my grades?

      1. Select Grades from the course navigation bar.
      2. Scroll through the posted grades to see individual assignment grades with feedback.
      3. Instructors may not make final letter grades available on D2L.

      Have questions? Consult your instructor. For a tutorial on how to use and view Grades, click here.


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