Section 1: Getting Started

      Section 1: Getting Started

      Orientation for Adult Students

      All new UW-W freshmen and transfer students are required to attend an on campus orientation. If you are a re-admitted or non-degree seeking student, you are not required to attend an orientation, so we have created this online orientation to assist with your successful transition to UW-W. If you are a nontraditional student (25+ years of age) click here to learn of additional campus resources unique to you. Let's get started!

      By selecting a topic in the navigation bar to the left, you can view the topic page of the orientation in any order. If you require accommodations for the online version of the orientation, please contact the Center for Students with Disabilities at (262) 472-4711 or TTY (262) 472-1109.

      HawkCard: Your Student ID

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      For more detailed information on the HawkCard, watch this brief informational video.



      What is my Student Identification number?

      • Every UW-Whitewater student is assigned a 7-digit Student Identification number.
      • This number is listed in your acceptance letter and on your Student ID card, known as the HawkCard.
      • Your Student ID number and HawkCard will be used for conducting college business.
      • HawkCards are issued, and may be replaced, at the HawkCard Office, University Center 250.


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      What do I need my HawkCard for?

      You will use your HawkCard for many of your student needs on campus. You may also use your HawkCard to access other benefits and services to UW-Whitewater students, both on and off campus.

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      Residence Hall Access Card

      You will need your HawkCard to open the main doors to your residence hall.

      You will not be able to enter your residence hall without your HawkCard, and you will not be able to enter other residence halls with your HawkCard—only the residence hall you are assigned to.

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      Meal Plan Card

      To access and use your meals, you will need to present your HawkCard to the cashier.

      • There are several meal plan options to choose from for both residential and commuting students.
      • There are over ten on-campus dining venues to choose from within your meal plan.

      For more information on choosing, enrolling in, and changing your meal plan, click here.

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      Purple Point Debit Card

      To access and use your Purple Points, you will need to present your HawkCard to the cashier.

      • Purple Points work like a pre-paid debit card account for students at UW-Whitewater.
      • You can use Purple Points at any participating on-campus and off-campus location.
      • A minimum balance of $25 is required to open an account.

      For more information on setting up and using your Purple Points, click here.

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      Textbook Rental Card

      To check out your textbooks each semester, you will present your HawkCard to the cashier.

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      University Library Card

      You will use your HawkCard like a library card when you check out any media at Andersen Library.

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      Admission to University Athletic and Cultural Events

      Some events are free to UW-Whitewater students, and others will grant you a student discount. To attend events or purchase tickets with this discount, you will need to present your HawkCard to the cashier.

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      University Fitness Center Membership Card

      You can use your HawkCard to access the Williams Center and Kachel Field House.

      • Use the indoor track, racquet ball courts, and swimming pool at no charge.
      • To participate in a fitness class or use the cardio and weight room, purchase a fitness membership at Recreation Sports, Williams Center 100. Your HawkCard will be used as your membership card.

      For more information on memberships, visit the Recreation Sports & Facilities webpage.

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