Office of Academic Assessment


Office Planning and Review (OPR) Process

In an effort to improve the delivery of programs and services, each non-instructional office will prepare a self-study and report once every five years on a prescribed schedule. The office director will prepare the OPR report and submit it to his/her respective division head. The final report will be delivered at a meeting of the Chancellor's staff. The report should be limited to three pages plus any necessary appendices including the CET or external reviewer report. The self-study and report should focus on the following questions:

  1. What are the major or measurable objectives of the office?
  2. How do these objectives relate to the division's and the University's goals?
  3. What outcomes indicate whether these objectives are being met?
  4. Have personnel and financial resources been reallocated to meet the goals?
  5. What improvements are necessary for the office to reach objectives not met?
  6. What modification of existing objectives or development of new objectives are made for the next five-year period?

The self-study should include a survey of customers/stakeholders to evaluate the office's performance in meeting its objectives. A Campus Evaluation Team (CET), composed of constituents who utilize the services/programs provided by the office, will be established to review and react to the self-study. Optionally, an external reviewer with expertise in the field of services offered by the office may be utilized in place of the CET. In terms of formative evaluation, the external reviewer may confirm or refute respective findings and/or make recommendations relative to the subject matter of the OPR.



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