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Art History courses at UW-Whitewater explore art and visual culture, from antiquity to the present, in relation to aesthetic, cultural, social, historical, and theoretical contexts.  Introductory courses introduce students to the artists, themes, theories, criticism, and artwork of various historical periods and cultures.  Advanced courses engage students at a more critical level and with the goal of teaching art historical research methods. Students at all levels will learn to look carefully, think critically, and to engage with actual art objects, either in UWW's Crossman Gallery, or in the biannual Art History Field Trip to Chicago museums.


Career Outcomes: Art History prepares students for graduate work in Art, Art History, Visual Culture, History, Architectural History, Museum Studies, Media Studies, Art Education, Women's Studies, Archaeology, and Anthropology, among other areas of study. Career possibilities are numerous, and include positions in all types of museums and galleries, from art museums to history museums to commercial galleries, and involve positions such as curator, gallery assistant, administrator, art conservator, or exhibition designer.  Art History also serves as a foundation for a career in K-12 art education.

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