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Ceramics Facilities

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The Ceramics studio at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater consists of two adjoining work studios, a clay mixing room, glaze formulation room, mold making area, glaze application space and a separate kiln room. Total space is over 3000 square feet. The outside sheltered kiln yard is approximately 750 square feet.

The kiln yard is home to 1 salt kiln, 1 soda kiln, 2 raku kilns and 1 pit fire kiln. The kiln room houses seven electric kilns of various sizes and two Bailey downdraft, gas kilns.

All of our clay is blended on site. We have two large volume clay mixers, one de-airing pug mill and one small volume Bluebird mixer for experimental batches. Students are encouraged to develop and formulate their own clay body recipes relative to the type of clay manipulation and surface/color development they are interested in.

The mold making area is heavily used by students enrolled in Ceramics III. This area is equipped with stainless steel worktables, cottles, clamps and a large volume slip blunger.

LAB Glaze research is expected from all students enrolled in Ceramics II and above. This room is stocked with over 185 separate ingredients used in glaze formulation and is equipped with several digital gram/pound scales.

The glazing area is stocked with ten high fire reduction glazes for community use. These glazes are used primarily by Ceramics I and II students as the Advanced level students may choose to mix their own personal glazes. This area is also equipped with a variety of sprayers and an industrial spray booth.