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As a studio art discipline, drawing engages students in a vital process fundamental to multiple studio disciplines and serves as a platform for advanced research in traditional and contemporary drawing methods. Through guided exercises in rendering from observation, studio work in traditional and non-traditional media, conceptual problem solving, and individual and group critiques, students develop formal, technical and historical knowledge of drawing as a discipline and enhance their visual art vocabulary and conceptual vision. In beginning through advanced drawing courses, students work under the guidance of a diverse, dedicated faculty of active and exhibiting artists.


Career Outcomes: The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with an emphasis in Drawing prepares students for advanced research in the discipline at the graduate level and as independent studio artists. Many go onto nationally recognized graduate programs and participate in artist residencies to expand and intensify their research efforts. Frequently paired with painting and printmaking emphases, Drawing serves as a complementary studio practice for mixed media studio research and enhancement of drawing skills essential to careers in illustration, animation, portraiture, and design. Recent graduates have developed professional careers as educators, restoration/conservators, art therapists, graphic novelists and comic book artists.

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