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Foundations Facilities

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The Foundations areas in 2D and 3D design offer approximately 1875 square feet combined space across two studios dedicated to the facilities2-Dimensional Design and 3-Dimensional Design courses. Each space features large work stations for drafting, general assembly, and hand-fabrication. Spaces include digital projection equipment, critique areas, and storage for student work.

The Drawing Arena offers approximately 1700 square feet of dedicated studio space for the foundational drawing courses. Its circular construction facilitates varied studio activities and fosters student-faculty engagement. An illuminated platform is centrally located and provides a raised base for still-life set-ups and figure models. A second story balcony circles the studio and expands available vantage points as well as provides limited storage space for large format projects. An adjacent 1500 square foot multi-disciplinary studio provides additional studio space for studio research in Two-dimensional processes. Each studio is equipped with a range of instructional equipment including metal easels, drawing horses and drawing tables.

The foundational course in computer graphics is taught in the Graphic Design studio area, which includes three dedicated labs. Each primary lab has 19 workstations for artistic and design studies, creative original content development, digital photographic imaging, design for print and for visual media design studies. Facilities included state of the art computers, Wacom digitizing/drawing tablets, scanners, photographic and video resources and instructor presentation systems for demonstrations and review of the students work.