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Influenced greatly by fine art methods and graphic design studio practices the MAGD visual media design emphasis major or minor concentrates on developing conceptual and artistic design skills needed for building creative original visual content for still, photographic, motion media and interactive media. Original idea generation for visual problem solving, illustration, animation, photographic and video imaging, the application of graphic design principles and organizational systems in the design of unique interactive visual user interfaces for the web, personal idevices and for games are all aspects of the role visual media designers play in the design of digital media art and commercial media products.

Visual media design emphasis students are challenged to be conceptual, inventive and are encouraged to express their creativity through targeted artistic visual design skill building course sequences. Students further combine courses in digital visual imaging and drawing for digital media, web interface design, motion graphic animation through keyframe/actionscript methods and visual effects generators and are encouraged to select tracking in areas of concentration. They also may take 3-D imaging, modeling and animation, digital photography, and high definition digital video/editing and explore special effects generation using blue screen compositing and markerless motion capture techniques, building a great number of flexible visual media design based skills. The visual media design emphasis student creates a creative portfolio of media design works. Students combine or specialize in any of the above areas in preparation for employment as an independent and/or team oriented creative visual media designer for interactive, streaming media, advertising, graphic design, photographic, television broadcast, game development or in creative corporate or fine art media studios.

Career Outcomes: Graphic Media Imaging as a Web/Interactive Media, Raster/Vector & 3-D Modeling, Graphics and Animation, Digital Video/Motion Graphics, Storyboard/Paper Prototype Packaging Designer.

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