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facilitiesThe Graphic Design studio area includes three dedicated labs, and two support studios. Each primary lab has 19 workstations for artistic and design studies, creative original content development, digital photographic imaging, design for print and for visual media design studies. Facilities included state of the art computers, Wacom digitizing/drawing tablets, scanners, photographic and video resources and instructor presentation systems for demonstrations and review of the students work.  Adding to flexibility for student programming are support studios. A digital photography table-top and portrait studio is equipped with three workstations, seamless table-top photo platforms with directional and soft box lighting. Medium format digital and hand held cameras serve the digital photographic needs for courses. Additionally, an Organic Motion capture laboratory facilitates the live action recording of movement data for immediate and interactive animation of 3D constructed avatars.  This facility is equipped with the latest markerless motion sensor capture technology.  Included are two workstations, wall projection system and an acting and performance recording area translating 24 points of movement into rigged avatar animation interactively in real-time.  The three primary labs and the two support labs serve the Department of Art and Design BA and BFA degrees and the College of Arts MAGD BA Visual Media Design track.