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The Printmaking program introduces students to the aesthetics and techniques of the printmaking medium, beginning with its initial 200-level, multi-discipline course, "Introductory Printmaking Survey".

Students move through the program with courses in Relief, Intaglio, Screenprinting and Book Arts. The intermediate and advanced level courses draw upon and challenge the skills students have learned in Drawing I and 2-D Design, linking them firmly to the Department's Foundations curriculum. Although each of the four courses are unique disciplines with distinct processes, each shares the primary objectives as identified by the Print area: proficiency with a variety of tools, inks, substrates, papers and presses; the formal use of design in compositional structures; and conceptual/thematic research in both assigned and self-initiated topics. Students may choose to join the UW-Whitewater Printmakers Association, (aka "Print Farm"), an organization that promotes experiential learning and professional practices through community interaction.


Career Outcomes: Working Studio Artist; Community Print Shop Coordinator; Owner-Operator of Screenprinting Design Business; Professor (Requires graduate-level education/MFA degree); Master Printer (May require additional professional training); Fabric Designer; Artist-in-Residence; After-School Program Coordinator/Arts Instructor; Gallery Assistant or Manager; University Print Studio Lab Technician/Manager; Boys & Girls Club Program Director; Illustrator; Tattoo Artist; Member of Artists' Live/Work Collective; Incarceration/Prison Arts Coordinator; Art Store Associate/Manager; Ink Manufacturer; Importer of Hand-Made Paper; Tour Leader to International Artisan Communities/Factories/Villages; Workshop Instructor; K-12 Art Instructor (Requires Appropriate Certification); Printmaking Tools & Materials Product Representative; International Educator (May require additional education & language training); Political Activist/Designer-Printer of Leaflets, Posters, Signs, News Bulletins; Senior Residency Center Arts Coordinator; Art Therapist (requires additional education & degree), Museum Conservator (may require professional training); Children's Book Illustrator; Gallery or Art Museum

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