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Graphic design is the visual communication of ideas intended to inform, educate, or persuade an audience. Be it through the development of a logo and visual branding efforts to launch a new business, the making of a website to promote a product, solve complex visual imaging problems or for the creation of a poster to garner support for a social cause, designers are charged with finding the most effective way to get the message across in print or electronic media and with giving visual form to that message.

Career Outcomes: The BA with Graphic Design emphasis is intended to train students as creative graphic designers with entry level preparation for positions including Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Package Designer, Logo Designer, and Production Designer. This degree must be approached with an additional minor from another discipline, such as advertising, marketing, or business, for a rounded more liberal arts degree approach. A minor in (MAGD) Media Arts and Game Development is an option for students wishing to pursue additional studies in the areas of time-based and interactive media design. The BFA with Graphic Design submajor provides well defined knowledge of creative graphic design at the undergraduate level and is recommended for students seeking advanced positions including Art Director, Design Director, Brand Director or Creative Director. This degree approach allows a student to focus in the major area of study without an outside minor, resulting in an enhanced skill set. Students from this program graduate with a more developed design portfolio and are prepared to work as professional designers or seek admission into graduate school. Potential employers for graduates of the graphic design program include advertising agencies, design firms, PR firms, photo studios, magazine or book publishers, interactive or motion media studios and in-house corporate communications and marketing departments. Graduates may also work as freelance designers, doing work in several of these industries on a contractual basis.

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