In Art Studio minors students may select from two distinct tracks.

Art Minor

In this minor students pursue 24 credits of which 15 credits are directed studio courses engaging students in both two-dimensional and three-dimensional studio areas, as well as allowing students an additional 6 credits of studio electives. An additional 3 credits of Art History is also required.

Art Studio Minor

The Art Studio Minor similarly requires 24 total credits (including 3 credits of Art History) but is distinct from the Art Minor as it offers students the opportunity to explore a specific area of concentration in studio areas which include Painting, Drawing, Graphic Design, Ceramics, Metals, Printmaking, Photography and Sculpture.


Art History Minor

The Art History minor allows students to minor in the history of art as a complement to a studio art major or any other major in the University. Each art history minor must take three introductory survey courses which introduce the chronological range of Western art history from prehistory to the present. Minors must take five additional upper division courses.

Media Arts and Game Development Minor with Visual Design Emphasis

The Media Arts and Game Development minor with Visual Design Emphasis addresses the newest overall programmatic initiative. This 24-credit minor integrates the five core courses required of all MAGD majors, plus three additional elective courses specifically in the area of visual design.

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