The Annette and Dale Schuh Visiting Artist Endowment

About Wei Zhen

Wei Zhen is a Professor of Art in the School of Art and Communication at Beijing NormalUniversity where he teaches painting and general education classes in art history and art education. Between 2011 and 2017 he served as an Associate Dean for the School. He received his BFA and MFA in painting from Xi'an Academy of Art and in 2010, he completed his PhD in Beijing Normal University. He has performed graduate research in university level art education practices at the Chinese Academy of Fine Arts and at Columbia University. This year, he is on leave from BNU as a Fulbright Scholar affiliated with the School of Visual Art in New York. Wei's primary areas of research include studio work in ink on paper and oil paintings, along with academic scholarship in the comparisons of US and Chinese practices in both art and design education and in artistic traditions. His art works have been presented in exhibitions in the United Kingdom, Greece, Germany, Italy, Chile and the U.S.. In addition, he has published numerous academic texts including: The History of Modern Western Art, 2010; Western Painting and Chinese Painting, 2009; and Oil Painting and Ink Painting - Comparison between Chinese and Western Art, 2002. In 2010, 2012, 2014 and 2016, Wei Zhen served as the Regional Coordinator for the Global Art Project: International Art Exchange for Peace.

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