College of Arts and Communication

Student Profiles

What made you decide to aquire an arts management minor (or BFA Theatre Management/Promotion major)?

"I really like the arts and hope to work in an arts organization after I graduate." ~ Ann Ricca, BFA Theatre Management/Promotion and BA Advertising majors

"I decided to acquire a management/promotions major because it let me use skills I learned from being a stage manager and put them toward something I enjoy. I am able to be creative and put my time in to something that I really think is important."~ Rob Kerpan, '13 BFA Theatre Management/Promotions graduate

"I have a huge passion for the arts and have always loved the business side of it. I love dealing with marketing, promotions and spreading the word of the arts. It was a perfect fit." ~ Mackenzie Nilsen, BFA Theatre Management/Promotion major

"Interested in a career in an arts environment, didn't want to take studio classes or be the "talent"." ~ Elayna Camarillo, Marketing major

"I thought it would help me get into music as a business, specifically management and marketing." ~ Jennifer Clark, Music major

"I decided to get an arts management minor because I truly believe it would give me a well-rounded experience before I left Whitewater. I'm so thankful I did!" ~ Ashlyn Roberts, Public Relations major

"I want to promote the arts and I love the creative aspect that I can use in this minor." ~ Jordan Halklski, Public Relations major

"To enhance my major, specifically being able to market myself as a professional actor." ~ Jake Lesh, '13 BFA Theatre Performance

"Wanted to learn more about management in an arts setting." ~ Precious Hill, Public Relations major

"It's a way for me to combine my love of the arts and a stable career." ~ Grace Felion, BFA Theatre Mangement/Promotion major

"My advisor suggested the program because I wanted to be involved in the arts, but not so directly such as being an actor, stage hand, etc. " ~ Courtney Omernick, Public Relations major

"I wanted to be an event planner and arts management was the best minor to learn about event management." ~ Molly Skiba, Electronic Media major