Arts Management Courses


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Arts Management Courses

offered by the College of Arts and Communication; this is not a full list of required courses.

ACINDP 361 - Performing Arts Operations and Management
A study of the duties and required skills of managers of performing arts organizations including house management, facility management, box office management, and strategic planning, as well as an overview of human resource management, audience development, marketing, and legal procedures. Offered fall term in odd numbered years.

ACINDP 362 - Non-profit Arts Management
A study of the duties and required skills of managers of various non-profit arts organizations. Areas of study will include structure of arts organizations, planning, programming, staffing, budgeting and marketing, with emphasis on fundraising, board development, and volunteer management. Offered spring term in even numbered years.

ACINDP 363 - Applied Studies in Arts Marketing
A study of the duties and skills of marketing managers of both commercial and non-profit arts-related businesses, as well as the individual artist in the marketplace. Topics include marketing research, planning a marketing budget, promotions, media relations, advertising, corporate and media sponsorship, and audience development. Offered fall term in even numbered years.

ACINDP 364 - Issues in Arts Management
A study of topics, trends, and career options in the field of arts administration. Working professionals will explore with students issues they face in their occupations. Topics may include the role of the arts in society, leadership, public and private support and control of the arts, ethical issues, marketing challenges, computer technology and future trends in the field. Offered spring term in odd numbered years.

ACINDP 200 - Arts Management Practicum
Participation in one or more areas of arts management including ticket office, house control, printing, publicity and public relations. Repeatable for a maximum of 4 units.

ACINDP 310 - Practicum - Development
Participation in College of Arts and Communication development initiatives, including creating written materials, organizing special events and assisting in cultivation and stewardship activities. Repeatable once for a maximum of 4 units.

ACINDP 492 - Field Study in Arts Merchandising
Off campus investigation and study with designated arts related companies and individuals. Repeatable to a maximum of six units.

ACINDP 493 Arts Management / Merchandising Internship
In cooperation with a designated arts related company and with previously established guidelines, participation in the management and/or merchandising activities of an arts related operation.