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Communication Major

Communication students will develop professional skills and understand the role of communication in today's society. In projects both in and outside the classroom you will develop your speaking, writing, and interpersonal skills.

Corporate/Health Communication

From hospitals and health plans to pharmaceuticals and medical devices, America's healthcare industry is undergoing a remarkable transformation.  At the corporate level, skilled communicators and change leaders will be instrumental in articulating vision and translating complex business objectives to create meaningful change.  These professionals will lead corporate communication strategy and serve as a resource to help health providers and professionals continually improve interpersonal communication skills. At the community level, communications professionals design and implement strategies to more accurately engage consumers in their own health.  These professionals will utilize a vast variety of communication mediums and skills (from social media to multi-channeled advertising or health campaigns) in effort to improve the health status of targeted communities. Today, there is high demand for communication professionals with advanced skills to provide these organizations the needed expertise to communicate strategically both internally and externally.  As a Corporate and Health Communication student, you'll learn the leadership and team building skills needed to facilitate activities such as training, outreach, presentations, health promotions and events.  You'll gain the expertise to research, analyze, and plan projects using your organizational communication skills for the benefit of corporations, healthcare facilities and non-profit agencies.  Consequently, you'll impact the lives of those served by those organizations.

Electronic Media

Through electronic media, your idea, dream, or vision comes to life so that it can be enjoyed and used by others.  Whether producing television programs, video projects, radio programs, documentaries, interactive programs or multi-track audio recordings, critical evaluation skills are necessary to create outstanding presentations that are pleasurable to the eye, ear, and mind.  As an electronic media student, you'll develop those skills and learn to operate the production equipment used in the industry.  You'll gain the knowledge and the expertise to produce and direct projects for television stations, commercial clients, radio stations, websites, and the recording industry.  By providing information and entertainment, you'll enrich the lives of your audience. 

Public Relations

Crafting a message, managing a crisis, coordinating a news conference, and directing an event are some activities Public Relations professionals plan and then implement.  Public Relations is dedicated to inspiring positive relationships between organizations and their publics.  As a Public Relations student, you'll learn to craft and manage messages using a variety of communication tools.  You'll learn to research, plan, create and put into action campaigns for corporations, non-profits, public officials, hospitals, government agencies, political candidates and sports teams.  In doing so, you'll develop the writing and speaking skills for a successful career in an exciting and thriving industry.