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Students can minor in communications to add an extra dimension to their Communication major, or to boost their communication skills and make themselves more marketable as they study something outside the department.


Advertising minors will study basics of copywriting, media planning, and persuasion techniques along with building their general communication and writing skills. Anyone looking to combine creativity with strategy to get real results is encouraged to look into this field of study.


Journalism minors will learn the fundamental theory of journalism and the practical aspects of media production. Students may choose to focus on broadcast, print or web journalism, as well as take courses in photography, sports journalism and participate in travel study programs. 


Students looking to add a study of communication principles to their degree may choose the communication minor. Topics include the basic theory behind mass communication, as well as elective credits selected in consultation with an advisor. 

Corporate Communication Minor

Students minoring in the Corporate Communication minor will gain useful and employable knowledge and skills that will give them a well-rounded education that could be applied to employment in a corporate setting. 

Electronic Media Minor

Student enrolled in the Electronic Media minor will participate in foundation coursework, as well as advanced audio and video labwork as part of the required core. There is a diverse selection of elective courses that allow students to expand on individual skills while being able to complete the curriculum in a timely manner. Key learning objectives include gaining oral and written communication skills, media production experience, teamwork implementation and knowledge in current media trends and applications. 

Public Relations

The study of public relations includes much study of research, strategy and media planning in addition to electives that may include advertising, publication layout, feature writing, or public speaking. Students who are interested in Public Relations may choose to combine this with another form of communication or journalism to broaden their base of study.

MAGD - Communication/Gaming

For those interested in video games and multimedia, this minor provides a good intro base for entry into the industry. Classes will include drawing, web developing, and visual design, along with possibly audio and video production, game development and social media optimization.