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Music Major Audition Application

Application for Admission for Academic Year 2016-17


Important note: This is NOT an application for admission to the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. Please contact the Admissions Office at 262-472-1440 or visit the UW-Whitewater web site for information and application materials for admission to the University.

This application may be filled out and submitted online.

Fill out music teacher recommendation form and submit online. 

Please make sure to read the audition requirements before submitting an audition application.

Students will not be admitted to the Music Major until they have been accepted by the University and successfully completed a music major audition.

Yes No

of (# in class)

I. Specify performing area in which you will audition (and years of private study):

Yes No (See instructions)

II. Audition Dates

  • Saturday, November 12, 2016
  • Friday, February 3, 2017
  • Saturday, February 18, 2017
  • Saturday, March 4, 2017
  • Friday, April 21, 2017 

Requested date of audition:

Yes No

*Note: To be considered for a scholarship, you must audition on or before March 4, 2016.

The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater offers two different undergraduate degrees in music: the Bachelor of Music and the Bachelor of Arts in Music. Music students also have the opportunity to obtain certificates in jazz studies or accompanying.

The Bachelor of Music is a professional degree intended for those preparing to teach, perform, or pursue advanced study in music at the graduate level (in masters or doctoral programs). Students in the Bachelor of Music degree may select one of five different areas of emphasis: general music education, choral music education, instrumental music education, music performance, or music theory and history.

The Bachelor of Arts in Music is a liberal arts degree with a required minor in another field of study.

All students pursuing music degrees must audition and be accepted by the music department as either a singer or instrumentalist (wind, string, percussion, or keyboard instrument). Your "primary applied area" is the performing medium, either instrument or voice, in which you successfully audition and gain acceptance to a music degree program.

If you are undecided about which degree or emphasis to pursue, or about which primary applied area to audition in, and would like to talk with an advisor, please call the Music Department at 800-621-8744.

III. Select the music major program in which you are interested, and indicate your primary applied area below.

    • Bachelor of Music with a General Music Education Emphasis
      Designed for those who seek a teaching license to work with elementary or middle school students in a classroom setting, or high school classes in non-ensemble settings (such as Music Appreciation, Music Technology, or Music Theory).
      Indicate primary applied area: Vocal Keyboard Instrumental

    • Bachelor of Music with a Choral Music Emphasis
      Designed for those who seek a teaching license for middle and high school choral music.
      Indicate primary applied area: Vocal Keyboard

    • Bachelor of Music with an Instrumental Music Emphasis
      Designed for those who seek a teaching license for elementary, middle and high school band or orchestra.
      Indicate primary applied area: Keyboard Instrumental

    • Bachelor of Music in Performance
      Designed for those students preparing for a career in performance, private teaching, or graduate study in music performance.
      Indicate primary applied area: Vocal Keyboard Instrumental

    • Bachelor of Music in Music Theory and Composition
      Designed for those who are preparing to enter graduate school in music history, music theory, or composition. For this degree option, student will initially be admitted to the Bachelor of Arts degree for the first year of study.
      Indicate primary applied area: Vocal Keyboard Instrumental

    • Bachelor of Art in Music
      Designed for those students who wish a flexible program with a required minor in another area of study.
      Indicate primary applied area: Vocal Keyboard Instrumental

IV. Please answer the six questions below. This is an important part of your application to the music department. We encourage you to be thoughtful and thorough in your responses.

Describe your reasons for wanting to be a music major at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, including your specific degree track (i.e. music education, music performance, music history/theory, etc.).  Include any potential career goals and/or aspirations in your essay.  (Your response should be approximately 200-300 words).

List your participation in music ensembles during the last four years. Include school, community, church, summer music camps, and regional events (such as all-state or honors ensembles).

List or describe your solo performing experiences.  Include the names of pieces and places performed.

List music honors, prizes, awards, contest ratings or other recognition that you have received for music activities.

If piano is not your primary instrument, please describe any previous keyboard experience, including the number of years of study, level of proficiency (no experience, beginner, intermediate, or advanced), and your most recent repertoire.

Describe any study or preparation in music theory that you have completed.


1. Have you also applied to the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Admissions Office?
2. Have you completed all four parts of this application to the Music Department?
3. Have you sent your teacher recommendation form(s) to the Music Department?
4. Have you read and understood the audition requirements for your applied area?
5. Singers only: have you mailed in copies of your music if you are using a UWW pianist?

Please submit this application at least two weeks before your requested audition date.


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