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Scholarship Information

A number of Department of Music scholarships are available for new freshman each year. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of performance auditions, academic preparation for college-level music study, and recommendations from music teachers. To be considered for a music scholarship, students must audition for the Music Department no later than the final audition day in March and be admitted to the university. Audition applications and information about audition dates are available from the Music Department. Music Scholarship offers are sent by letter to all awardees in April.

Music department scholarships are only available for full-time music majors and are not awarded to new transfer students for their first year at UW Whitewater. For additional information about UW-Whitewater Music Scholarships for new music majors, contact the Department's Scholarship Coordinator, Dr. Frank Hanson, at 262-472-1289.

Other Scholarships

Additional scholarships may be available through other sources. Students are encouraged to apply for University-wide scholarships they may be eligible for.


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