Instrumental Ensembles

Brass Choir

The Brass Choir is an ensemble that performs music of all styles and flexible instrumentation. The ensemble is open by audition to all UW-Whitewater students who play trumpet, horn, trombone, euphonium, or tuba. A large portion of the brass choir repertoire features a full orchestral brass section of 4 trumps, 4 horns, 3 trombones, euphonium, and tuba. The ensemble performs concerts both on and off campus during the spring semester.

Chamber Ensembles

Students may participate in a variety of small instrumental ensembles to gain experiences in chamber music performance and literature. These student initiated ensembles are coached by faculty members and often performed frequently throughout the year both on and off campus. Opportunities for trios, quartets, quintets and other ensembles in brass, string and woodwind areas are available. Students in faculty-coached ensembles that rehearse each week and schedule, at least, one public performance during the semester may enroll in MUSC162 for one unit.

Clarinet Ensemble

Christian Ellenwood, director

The UW-Whitewater Clarinet Ensemble provides a chamber music performance experience for music majors, music minors, and interested non-majors. Participants develop important ensemble skills by working on intonation, stylistic unity, balance, and blend. All interested clarinetists are invited to participate.

Early Music Ensemble

Jane Riegel Ferencz, director

The UW-Whitewater Early Music Ensemble includes instrumentalists and singers who perform music of the Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque periods. Membership is open to all UW-Whitewater students. The University's collection of early instruments (viols, recorders, sackbuts, and crumhorns) is available for students in the ensemble. Some individual instruction is available on these instruments, based on instructor availability.

Flute Choir

Erin Murphy, director

The Flute Choir performs music of many styles ranging from traditional to jazz and contemporary works written specifically for Flute Choir. The ensemble is open by audition to all UW-Whitewater students who play the flute. The ensemble usually performs works that use one or more piccolos, alto, and bass flutes. The Flute Choir performs concerts both on and off campus during the spring semester.

Percussion Ensembles

Tobie Wilkinson, director

The UW-Whitewater Percussion Ensemble is a unique and diverse ensemble that performs one full concert every semester. A crucial component in developing musical and technical skills for the contemporary percussionist, the Percussion Ensemble performs music from many different genres. The Percussion Ensemble is open to all students by audition. The UW-Whitewater Percussion Ensemble concert has become one of the most-attended events in the surrounding area by performing cutting edge percussion ensemble literature. The percussion ensemble consists of percussion majors and minors and has recently performed such works as Nigel Westlake's Omphalo Centric Lecture, Nebojsa Zivkovic's Trio Per Uno, Graham Fitkin's Hook, John Cage's Second Construction, David Gillingham's Stained Glass, and Brett Dietz's Sharpened Stick.The percussion ensemble is available for performances and clinics throughout the academic year. If you are interested in hosting the percussion ensemble for a concert or clinic, please contact Tobie Wilkinson at

Trombone Choir

Michael Dugan, director

The UW-Whitewater Trombone Choir is a student/faculty ensemble open to music majors and minors. All other UW-Whitewater students may participate with the consent of the director.

Trumpet Ensemble

Frank Hanson, director

This ensemble is open by audition to all UW-Whitewater students who play trumpet. This select ensemble performs a varied repertoire in all styles, including works written or arranged especially for the group. Trumpet Ensemble performs during the spring semester of each year and presents concerts both on and off campus. Past appearances include performances at several International Trumpet Guild Conferences throughout the U.S.

Cello Choir

The Cello Choir, offered in spring semesters, explores the ever-growing repertoire for cello trios and cello quartets. This provides a great way to learn chamber music skills in an ensemble in which everyone can learn and play every part, and in which considerable attention can be focused on the particulars of cello technique.

Chancellor's Quartet

UW-Whitewater's premier student string quartet is the Chancellor's Quartet, which performs for many of the formal events of the university. The ensemble also makes recruiting trips into area schools on behalf of the music department. The members of the quartet receive scholarships and are coached by members of the string faculty.

Eclectic String Quartet

UW-Whitewater has a long tradition of producing string students who are highly adept at performing non-classical repertoire. Four such students frequently comprise a resident string quartet called the Eclectic String Quartet. This ensemble performs frequently, including in area schools


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