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  • Music Department Handbook - Students are responsible for familiarizing themselves with information found here. The handbook is updated as policies change or as added, and all enrolled majors and minors, regardless of admission date, are bound by policies outlined in the most recent revision of this document.

  • Academic Advising - A guide to your most frequently asked questions about Music Department Academic Advising

  • University Advising - Academic Advising, General Education Requirements, GPA Calculator, etc.

  • Recital Attendance Policy - Music students are expected to attend public music performances regularly. Read an updated version of our recital policy.

  • Declaring a Music Minor - basic qualifications and information on the audition process

  • Guidelines for Probationary Music Majors - What does probationary status mean?

  • Studio Lessons - Different types of studio lessons available to students and how to register.

  • Writing Proficiency Requirements - Music students must demonstrate writing proficiency before graduation. Information on ways to fulfill that requirement.

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