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Advising Process

How do we do academic advising in the Music Department?

Unlike most majors on campus, we do our own academic advising for Music Majors in the department. This means you will have an "Academic Advising Hold" on your records until after you have completed an advising appointment with your advisor. Here's what you need to do...

  1. Log-in to WINS.
  2. Check to see who is your advisor. This is usually your studio teacher, but not always: this is listed on your page on WINS under Advisor on the right side.
  3. Check to see when you can register for the coming semester. This is under Enrollment Dates. The "Open Enrollment Dates by Session" tells you when you can enroll yourself on WINS. Talk to your advisor, and set up a time to meet, well ahead of your advising date.
  4. When it's time for advising bring a copy of the Academic Advising Worksheet. These are available next to Kristi's door, but also on the Music Department website. 
  5. Fill out Parts I and II of the worksheet - your advisor should not proceed with the advising until you do so. You can find your current GPA by looking at your Academic Advising Report (AAR- This is available on the menu to the right of your class schedule). Please take time to read through the AAR: this is the best guide to where you stand in your degree program. Bring any questions to your meeting. When filling out PartII, go ahead and put courses into your enrollment "shopping cart" on WINS. Your best guide to which classes to choose is the advising grid for your major - grids are available here. 
  6. After you and your advisor finish, he/she will sign the worksheet, and make a copy. Give one copy to Kristi, and keep the other for your records. Kristi will then remove your hold. Make sure you do this, at least, a few days before you can enroll (see no. 3 above). 
  7. Enroll on WINS as soon as you possibly can, so you can have the best possible chance of getting the classes you need: Music classes are seldom a problem, buy you are competing with 10,000 other UWW students when it comes to General Education courses like BIOLOGY 120 OR COMM 110.

What if there's a problem?

If there's an advising issue that your Academic Advisor can't help you with, there are two designated Master Advisors in the department, Prof. Allsen, and Prof. Ellenwood. We can usually sort things out, so come talk with one of us. Note that Music Majors who are transferring in from elsewhere should always make an appointment with Prof. Allsen sometime early in their first semester in any case. There are nearly always issues to work out for transfer students.

What if my classes aren't showing up where I expect them to on my Academic Advising Report?

Music Major AAR's (especially the various BM degrees) are among the most complicated on campus, and WINS nearly always needs some "personalization" (fixing) in order to get things in the right slots. All Music Majors should check in with Prof. Allsen sometime in their junior year to make sure everything is on track. He'll do the final fixes after you apply for graduation, and will check it one more time when you come in for an exit interview during your last semester here. He does this by communicating with the Registrar's office. Fixes to Music Major AARs typically include:

  • Recital Attendance requirement. The AAR includes only those semesters when you were actually enrolled in MUSC 100. If you did Recital Attendance as an overload, or "doubled up," we will make sure that that is reflected on the AAR.
  • Other strange stuff: There are often odd things that simply show up in the wrong places or do not show up in on the AAR. This happens most often for transfer students, but it's not that unusual for students who have been here the whole time. We can usually fix those as well.

In general, if you are on track with the advising grid for your major, you are in good shape. [Special note to Music Education students: If there are problems with the "PI34" section (i.e., those general classes required of all students seeking licensure), you need to check in with the Dept. of Curriculum and Instruction to get those fixed.]

What if I'm a Music Minor?

Music Minors do not need to formally advise with the Music Dept. - you do your advising with others in your Major, whether that's at the Advising Center or in the department of your Major. However, you should be aware of the Minor Requirements. At some point, you should also check in with Prof. J. Michael Allsen, who serves as the Minor Advisor, just to make sure you are on track. At some point, you should also check in with Prof. J. Michael Allsen, who serves as the Minor Advisor, just to make sure you are on track.

[Special note to transfer students completing a Music Minor: We occasionally see students who are transferring in classes that complete most or even all of our requirements for the Minor. Be aware, however, that in addition to completing the academic requirements for the Minor, even when you are transferring these credits from another school, you must complete at least 1/4 of the minor (6 credits) here at UW-Whitewater. If you have issues relating to transfer credits, see Prof. Allsen.]