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Writing Proficiency

In order to pass the writing requirement as a music major, students must do one of the following:

1) BM: Music Education: Achieve a grade of B or better on a targeted written assignment (or assignments) for MUSED 437, 438 or 452

2) BM: Performance; Music Theory-Composition, BA: Acheive a grade B or better on a required paper in one of the courses listed below:

  • MUSC 438 (Medieval Music)
  • MUSC 445 (Renaissance Music)
  • MUSC 436 (Baroque Music)
  • MUSC 447 (Music of the Classical Period)
  • MUSC 448 (Music of the Romantic Period)
  • MUSC 450 (Survey of World Musics)
  • MUSC 455 (Form and Analysis)
  • MUSC 463 (Music After 1900)
  • MUSC 464 (American Music)

3) Pass English 370 (Advanced Composition)

Students may attempt to pass the writing requirement only once within a single course, but may attempt it again by taking other courses listed above. Students must notify the instructor of the course (in writing) that they will attempt to pass the writing proficiency.