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Field Experience

(Experience with Learners and Professional Service in a Music Context)

Music Education is comprised of many areas of expertise, including the ability to create artistic music,  plan motivating and enriching lessons, and meet the variety of needs of the students involved.  The coursework you are taking will assist your growth and development in many of these areas, however, hands-on experience with real student and professional music educators will provide you with immeasurable learning opportunities. 

To that end, students who wish to be music educators must complete hands-on experience with learners and professional service (within the context of music) prior to applying to the College of Education and Professional Studies.  A minimum of 50 of these hours must be in a music class with real children. Because many upperclassmen have been working on the past requirement, the number of hours will be adjusted according to what year each student is in their program.  Please note the following requirements:

  • Current Freshmen (Fall 2011) = 250 hours
  • Current Sophomores (Fall 2011) = 150 hours
  • Current Juniors (Fall 2011) should make an appointment to discuss your hours with Prof. Holmes. 

All students entering the program from Fall 2011 onwards will be expected to complete 250 hours.The following are the contexts in which you may accumulate your hours of experience and service:

  • Solo Ensemble Contest Hours
  • CMENC Project Hours
  • Professional Music Conference (State, Regional, & National) Attendance
  • Audition Days
  • Music Camps (band, choir, strings, musical theatre)
  • Summer Music Classes
  • Volunteering in a music classroom in PreK-12 schools (a minimum of 50 of the 250 hours, but does not include OMP hours or MUSED 160)
  • No paid private studio or paid professional performances can be counted toward this requirement.

We are excited for the stories you will tell about all you are learning as you venture into area classrooms, assist with Wisconsin and UW-Whitewater music activities, and network at professional music conventions!