Young Auditorium


  • State-of-the-art auditorium with 1,300 seats and a 400 square foot stage.
  • Completed in 1993, the $9.3 million auditorium.
  • Flexible seating which can accommodate 46 wheelchairs.
  • Voice and TDD services, scanning text for conversation to Braille, and a state-of-the-art system for hearing impaired individuals.
  • Additional areas: Kachel Center and Fern Young Terrace


The ground breaking for the auditorium in June 1991 was made possible through the Irvin L. Young Foundation. The Foundation, along with the auditorium, honors an individual whose name had long been associated with philanthropy and humanitarianism throughout the state of Wisconsin and around the world.
From humble beginnings, without the advantages of a high school or college education, Mr. Irvin Young used his time, talents and strong entrepreneurial spirit to establish a variety of successful businesses. Inspired by a business trip to Africa and the commitments he formed there, Mr. Young established the Irvin L. Young Foundation in 1949.
Mrs. Fern Young continued her husband's benevolence until her death in January 2002. Thousands of people, both at home and abroad, have been positively affected by their kindness. It is our goal that, by bearing Mr. Young's name, we continue in his path of serving Wisconsin residents for years to come.


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