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Auditions for Theatre/Dance Department productions are open to everyone - majors, minors, non-majors/minors, community members etc. Typically auditions require a resume, headshot and one or two monologues plus a song for the musicals. Specifics vary from production to production but are included in each audition announcement. The Theatre/Dance Department produces six mainstage productions, two Summeround productions annually. There are also opportunities to audition for the directing class scenes, one-act plays and the Emerging Choreographers Concert. You can find the details about upcoming auditions below.

Strong Poison

by Frances Limoncelli, directed by Angela Iannone

Monday December 11 from 7:30-10:30pm in Hicklin Studio Theatre

Dress: Men, jacket and tie. Women dresses preferred, reasonable heels.
Requirements: 1) 8 x 10 photograph ( headshot) Resume stapled to the back, staple all four corners, trim to fit. Resume must contain information on height, weight, hair color, eye color, email address and cell phone
number. Do not include mailing address.

Those auditioning will be asked to fill out an audition card listing all potential conflicts for the proposed rehearsal schedule. These conflicts should include classes, work, or family conflicts that might arise. This is to
assist in scheduling the rehearsals only.

First and Second year students, and those students who have not previously been cast in a show with Ms. Iannone: 1-1 ½ half minute monologue, in British (RP) dialect. Those students showing monologues will be asked to audition in the early time slot, from 7:30pm-8:15pm.

Third and Fourth year students, or those students who have been cast in a show with Ms. Iannone: will go directly to callbacks of cold readings of scenes
from the script. All readings will be in British (RP) dialect. Callbacks will be held from 8:30pm-10:30pm.

*If you have a time constraint, or are unable to audition in the preferred time slots, please inform the stage manager and you will be accommodated. Monologue students will be asked to stay the entire time if called
back. Those going directly to scene readings will be asked to stay the entire time until released. Those students who are also involved in Dance rehearsals will be accommodated.

Monologue students will be asked to stay the entire time if called back. Those going directly to scene readings will be asked to stay the entire time until released. Those students who are also involved in Dance rehearsals will be accommodated.

Participation in "Strong Poison" will include enrollment in the Seminar Class, which meets Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 1230-145pm. Evening rehearsals for Strong Poison will begin on April 3rd. Opening is April 25 and closing is April 29th.  There are no plans to rehearse over spring break 2018. *Participation in Strong Poison will require auditioning in British accent, and performing in British dialect. There are only three 'solo' tracks in the show. This means only three students will be playing one character throughout the show. The rest of the cast is designated as 'ensemble' and will play multiple tracks. The multiple tracks are not 'small roles', in fact, they are quite heavy in terms of the amount of work needed. Ensemble members will be provided opportunities to develop strong, diverse characters, using several dialects. Students should be aware that being cast in the ensemble is a terrific opportunity and should be great fun. It is not a 'step down'.  

Casting; 5 men, 5 women in principal roles. 6 understudies.   Understudy casting is extremely important for the success of the show. Please indicate on your audition card if you are unwilling to be cast as an understudy. Understudies must be present at all rehearsals. If you have questions about being an understudy, please ask at your audition.

1)     Peter
2)     Bunter
3)     Courtroom guest/Parker/Jury Foreman/Ryland Vaughn/Lord at Duke's Denver.
4)     Gerald, Duke of Denver/Sir Impey Biggs/Bohemian at Party/Norman Urquhart/Freddy
5)     Judge/Guard/Vanya Kropotky/Mr. Pond

1)     Courtroom guest/Dowager Duchess of Denver/Eiluned Price/Nurse Booth
2)     Harriet
3)     Courtroom guest/Bohemian at Party/Hannah Westlock/Lady at Duke's Denver
4)     Helen, Duchess of Denver/Miss Climpson/Nina Kropotky/Mrs. Pettican
5)     Courtroom guest/Lady Mary/Marjorie Phelps/Miss Murchison  

Call back scenes
Ensemble act one scene 1  pgs 1-2  Man 2,3,4  Woman 2,3,4, 5 
Lord Peter/Harriet  scene 3 pgs 12-15 
Ensemble Act 2 scene 1 pgs 44-46 (Peter, Helen, Gerald, Dowager, Lady, Lady Mary)
Bunter/Ensemble act two scene 4  pgs 55-56 (Bunter, Mrs. Pettican, Hannah Westlock)
Miss Climpson/Nurse Booth act two  scene six pgs 59-60 
Bunter/Peter act two scene 10 pg 70
Urquhart/Peter act two scene 13 pg 82-83  

Director's Notes:

Lord Peter Wimsey Murder Mysteries! Dorothy L. Sayers is the writer of a series of murder mysteries containing the characters of Lord Peter and his beloved Harriet Vane. Her first few stories are short stories, collected in several anthologies. Harriet Vane first appears in the longer mystery "Strong Poison" and later in "Gaudy Night". Like Conan Doyle, Dorothy L. Sayers stopped writing murder mysteries to concentrate on other interests, and her fans demanded she write more. She finally wrote a few other short stories, "Tallboys" being the last one she wrote alone. Jill Paton Walsh wrote several other Lord Peter stories, in collaboration with Dorothy L. Sayers, and then on her own after Ms. Sayers' death. Dorothy L. Sayers wrote two stage adaptations of Lord Peter mysteries, very good scripts, but complicated sets and large casts of characters, which make them unplayable for all but very wealthy theatre companies. Frances Limoncelli has adapted three Lord Peter mysteries for the stage, all of them compact and well within the reach of contemporary theatre companies.

There are two tv adaptations of the Lord Peter mysteries. A complete BBC series with the fantastic late Ian Carmichael as Lord Peter, and a later, shorter, series with the impeccable Edward Petherbridge as Lord Peter, and the luminous Harriett Walters as Harriet. Petherbridge is my particular favorite, his vocal work as the aristocratic Peter, with all the vocal tricks of the upper crust of the early part of the 20th century, is flawless.  Carmichael is a bit bright and bouncy for my taste, without the underpinning of Peter's WWI service, which Petherbridge does so well.  There are also several audio adaptations, with both Ian Carmichael and Edward Petherbridge reading.  Though I feel "Gaudy Night" is the best of Sayer's work, "The Nine Tailors" is the most famous. It is Lord Peter without Harriet Vane, but it's a beautiful piece. If you are interested in doing some 'pre audition' work, the books are quick reads, and beautifully written.

I am particularly happy to begin work on this piece, which combines several of my loves, including Lord Peter, Dorothy Sayers ( a fascinating person in herself) and the work of a female playwright, Frances Limoncelli. What Ms. Limoncelli has crafted is both a mystery and a romance, and the leading lady is intelligent, no-nonsense, and not in need of 'saving' in the usual way. The characters are delightful, quirky, and great fun for actors. The play should be terrific fun to work on. I look forward to the auditions!