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Auditions for Theatre/Dance Department productions are open to everyone - majors, minors, non-majors/minors, community members etc. Typically auditions require a resume, headshot and one or two monologues plus a song for the musicals. Specifics vary from production to production but are included in each audition announcement. The Theatre/Dance Department produces six mainstage productions and two Summeround productions annually. There are also opportunities to audition for the directing class scenes, one-act plays and the Emerging Choreographers Concert. You can find the details about upcoming auditions below.

Mary, Mary by Jean Kerr - cast of 3 men & 2 women

April 5 from 4-6 pm CA Room 11

Mary, Mary Audition Sides - Audition instructions


For Initial Auditions, each actor has 5 minutes to perform whichever character and sides they choose. You will be auditioning opposite a reader narrating the other character’s lines.

For Callbacks, please be very familiar with all sides your character is listed as being in. Actors will be mixed and matched with one another in different combinations of characters.

Mary and Bob, Side 1 and 2
Mary/Bob, p. 20-21 from Mary’s “Hello,” through Mary’s “Have a dried apricot.”

Mary/Bob, p. 50-52 from Bob’s “You’ve been drinking,” through Mary’s “Now I’m cold sober and everything is spoiled!”

Dirk, Side 1 and 2

Dirk/Bob, p. 56-57 from Dirk’s “All right. Let’s have it,” through Dirk’s “But it wasn’t a line.”

Dirk/Mary, p. 41-42 from Dirk’s “Why do you do that?” through Dirk’s “See how easy it is?”


Tiffany, Side 1
Tiffany/Bob, p. 15-17 from Tiffany’s “I’m delighted,” through Tiffany’s “That is the most unromantic story I ever heard.”


Oscar, Side 1

Oscar/ Mary, p. 18-19 from Mary’s “Oscar!” through Mary’s “I shouldn’t have come.”

Blithe Spirit by Noel Coward- cast of 2 men & 5 women

April 5 from 6-8 pm CA Room 11

Blithe Spirit Audition sides (Men should look at Charles. Women should familiarize themselves with Elvira, Ruth and Arcati.)

Callbacks - April 6 from 5-7 pm in Hicklin Theatre and Barnett Theatre

All auditons and callbacks are held in the Greenhill Center of the Arts, 950 West Main Street, Whitewater, WI 53190

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